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'a12 <br />I\'eeting called to order by PresSdent J,T.Delaney in the Grange <br />Hall 7:30 P.& <br />A11 IAembers answered roll call but Trustee S .K .Strong,Tiho nas absent . <br />Minutes of previous meeting read and approved as read, <br />k Delegation consisting of I&.& Mrs .T.J .QxboroWh,?;r,& &rs I$ r .D .W,VaLlis and others present, to pnter a protest regarding an <br />offensive oder from Trir,3?aynets pigs,also an oder from the Elgin <br />creamery.Sa5.d they had reported the matter to Dr,Blake who bad <br />said he would clean the matter up,but were told by the Collncil that <br />Dr.Blake nas not the proper 0ne.But was arnatter for the local health <br />board to adjust. And who would take the matter up ai; once of Mr,Paynes' and the creamery, <br />Also saidl.they had reported the Cmnery to the State Board of Realth but got no relief from either sourceo <br />The same delegation also ask for e light on France kcenua and Tdu'.c8st. - <br />The Chair appointed as a cimmlttee on the above matter,J.T'.Delaney B <br />E.T,Edson. <br />I\;ir,3yron Kell complained of a car being parked in his drivezag which <br />obstructed passage to vork,vras told to apply to-the Constable for <br />relief. <br />h1r.A .Rutledge and ol2ners were present and complained about L'r.Gamletz <br />dumping clay on the graveled street $~IS~,~T~~S&~CS Elmoksfds Statfon <br />along the Street Car track was told the Road Committee rrould look <br />5ni.o tM metter tlrte first time out. <br />A ~~r.Bates,rep~esentAtive of y;ingdale Bros .and !;r.Tkri.Kegdt,L r,Eates <br />Said the matte-r of a crossing at Vi48 3%. & vas an asset <br />to the property there <br />%lr*nm,Hejrdt TJas Informed the Clerk had rrritten the Railroad people <br />asking t'ney huyry up and complete the crossing. <br />'0 <br />*I; .Kell, <br />- <br />and should be assessed to the propertys. <br />a <br />h bill of the Rlpls,Fire Depa-rtment of $147.50 was present^&. fop <br />services reiidemd in I920 at BIZ0 T;*50th Sti?eet.lls no one presenL .remembered a fire in that locality it vias layed aver for investi- <br />w eation, The following resolution 'Ei'as adopted - <br />Resolution to accept Park Property. Thereas the Ceder HursL Improvement Company( 'l'horp &-as. 1 Ei~.-vi~-i~ set <br />aslde Lots AyB.& €3 in South Harriet. Park and Lots A,& B Smith <br />I-Iarriet Park Secorid Add.for Park purposes,hd <br />=ereas Ceder Improvement Co,l?as donated and deetle8 ss7-d Property to the V5lZage of Edina for Park plxi-poses only. Themfore <br />Be it pesolved-:?%e Village bbi~Bcil of the Village oZ Ed3-w do <br />accept Lot& A'-B t~ C Sou-bh Harriet Park and Lots A 8 B South. Rarrjet <br />Park Second. A&, as given by Ceder Hurst Improvament Go. and came <br />the deeds thereof to be placed 011 record. <br />The matter of j:)75.00 for an easemen-: fonS,Rnudsen \;as Laken up and <br />after some discu,ss;ion it vas ordered paicj men the money r.8~ a.\-~Ll- <br />able on notLon OS Trustee C .F.Presco%t seconded by C1ei.k E.T.Edson. <br />30 feet T2est aXong South line to ?:'est Property line,for raad purposeso <br />. <br />1% ga-s moved by Trustee C .F .Preseoet seconded by Tr"lastt.s F; .J .'ilnu.dsen <br />that the Village levy for I924 be $I5000,30 carried. <br />After considering %he follorring bills vwe allone6 311 rnot9oi.l 04 <br />Trustee 8 .E' .Ppescott,SeCOnded by Trustee H , J .Xnndseii. <br />- 0