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'114 ! <br />:v;seting called io orclep by Ppesident J.T.Delaney at the Grange Hall. <br />All office-^: ansrcered roll call. <br />a rnintxtes of the les% Pegular and special meetings xere read and <br />approved PS read, <br />Report of Committees <br />Health commit-ixe reporf.erl havinc seen GreP8;rrte regarding the dis- agreeable odor from his pigs.l;r*Payne said he had arranced fop marketing the pigs and uould also clean up the place 8nri did not. expect to keep ooly tsio or three here after.And the odors frorrtthe <br />Creamery the Corrmi-Ltee found the State Board of HealtJi 'nsd passed on the matter and thcre was riothlng 42lziq ConlxtiS.ttee coi~lcl do, <br />Trm~tee S.K .Strong iq6pO;rted far the Cornmittcc on rnmtlns the C5by colmcil regarding w%te~ for $he Country Club Dlstrict, :JIe, City <br />desired a chailg;le ii: the Franchise already granted thzl Cistrict. to <br />opperate a wter SySten,tQ enable the City to pwchase the x-clier <br />system at cost any time it KUS taken lato the City. and 8 nem franchlae rlas prepared and recorocizchd by Jttorneg J ,E:,O'Erien xms presented snd gone Over carefully and & motion by Trtistee <br />C .F:?rescott,secorlded by Trustee S.IC .Strong that TT~ accept %he <br />service franchise 8s dram and subrnitLed to this Council Oc% 19th <br /> take the place of a certain franchise granted on the 9th <br />day of Ju_n_c I923.the motion prevailed and its publication brdered, <br />A Delegat3ov beseed by Zr .Sna.vely I,?? ,Kevritlt and5severhl o&hers s:-eiae <br />preseizt to pppbsc;Ahe building of the proposed road rv.inin~ alans + the South line of Block 27,28,29 B 30 Xendelssobn ":'est line <br />They mere under the impression ft vas building the road for one man <br />Kr.Hevitt made a plea saying if it would serve neveraal people and <br />vr+s cheeper to maintala than the present one he ~ou-ld have no <br />objection. <br />A petition opposinG the road,signed by 30 people was presented by <br />l,-r.Snavely.Xoved by Trustee S .K .Strong seconded by Clei-k E.T,Edson <br />the petition belayed on the table for investigstion,carrled, <br />l,lr,FalnecEg explained the3 road from an EnGineerrs standpoint as an <br />all. year road costing ltttle to construct and eaislg keep open <br />*viniers,and also said if; %as Xrnpossible to put the old road in <br />shape for tvo or three times the cost of the nev; road. <br />of Block 30. <br />Corxnty Gomissioner C .B.Kaddell made A short talk ~et;~~rlili~ th; road <br />and wh5le he did not vish -to dictaate to this Eofly on the matter he also advised u.s not to let the dernand for roads get Loa fsr ahead o.f us3as the cou~try vms being divided into small trscts oi? land <br />and the demand fop nevi rocrids was bound to increase 5.3 %lie fqtwee <br />-th-.Zelson,TJr.i:'.R .A_vlderson and others spoke in fava- of the road. <br />Kr,FS;cl~e.i~$~P, of 443 *E and Brooks Ave as ciskine about 'es-in'ulls'r-iing <br />a grade at that p1ace;aar told the Road Comit,tee r...oulri GO o1-1-L in <br />a few days and meet hm there and voulcf establish 9. pade for him, <br />Tne EdLna Improvement Associatlon kad a delegatiozl preaent,T redones <br />being spokeman,The subject of ZrrzdinE; Sunimi t kve as tahp no. I;iIr,Ha.wkEnson said there vas too much money spent, for r.ha% T& done <br />Fiir J .J,KIcNellis Etnd fh=,Gorxld vioced the same senthrslaks and also <br />thought they should have some credit for %he. saste dir& ~2leced on <br />Interlachen 'E;lvd.Also some vro~k should have been dorle on the mxf; <br />Street Test and not so much on Summit Ave, <br />They cere told the vork vras done by petition and regi~.Ia~ Pam md <br />that 'chwre ms 8 r;leet-ing held for opposing the rrorli as arlrTcrtLsed <br />arrd no one rras present and protested. <br />T~reE.J.Z5.1.1 of ::est 612 St.ExpL-essed the idea that the diLches by <br />his place vere not large and vms told there misht be some <br />thing done late?*. <br />1;r.C.B.Soberts -cas called to tell. the Coimc5.l xhere he fomd the <br />bad places OD his school r0u.b '1337 snow filling in. They mere told if SROW feme could be procured the places rrcruld be <br />taken cam of.