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Meeting called to order by Prssldent J.T.Delaney,in the Granse Ball <br />All members ansnered roll call. <br />A letter from rs"raGeO.':'flsOn of tht3 7treet Car Co.rms read ii? regard <br />to the exchange of certain properties in the Northnest psrt of the <br />Village,Section 30,Tonnship II'i,Ranp-~ 21.W. Statknc the management <br />of the Company vas favorable to the exchange.The exchange aould get <br />rid of a jog and fence in the road at third street and 2nd Ave.Vest <br />Upls.Heyghts Add. The Company mas to make the su~vcy and mite out <br />proper descriptions of land to be conveyed by each pwty It 'c"s moved <br />by Trustee B,J,~~nudsen,seconded by Trustee C,F.Prescoti fhe proposit.. <br />Trustee S.K.Strsng reported the road crew had done the ;wrk on Theilan <br />Ave. as ask for. <br />T,'r.Joi?in Lloare and othere'were present ,sayine the Street Car Co. ha? <br />failed to do as proaised about his drive rray under the Car trwks. <br />It seemed to be R private mattep' between Mr.FJloare and the Co?Iipany an8 not the Village ,Trustee SIIC,StPong offered to intervies:. 4,hc Company <br />'In IJ~.L:ocrre's behalf,unoff5.c5allym <br />The nature of the rinter i-oad rwrk %a$ such the mat5er OS WE~S taken <br />?z.p and discussedJfXnally on motion by Trustee; C .F.Prescott,seoonded <br />by Trustee S.K.SLrong the scale of wages be set at 356 per hour for <br />men and 706 per how for man #k team for balance of fiscal yesr,carred. <br />The following old rrxrr@nts <$ere Oaken up <br />No.2451 gated 10/15/2I.$ 74.03 <br />78 075 <br />At 2:30 m:. <br />ion be accepted,carried. <br />It <br />11 76 *75 $229.40 Interest .$2S ,72 <br />2452 <br />2453 <br />2454 IO/I5/21. 28.75 3.53 <br />2464 11/12/21 4 813,OO IO .BT <br />2633 13/12/22 --_- 147.120 <br />-e- <br />fZ.14 <br />Total $493+55 Tot~l Int .lj54*00