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220 i <br />mi lee tin^ called to order br Presrdent J.T.Delaney at the home of <br />Clerk, , <br />All members ansrrered rollcalX. <br />to Fleeting called for the purposeAexamine and accept a plat presented <br />by Mr.V,E.Code.. <br />IYr.V,E.Code and Nr.Stevens mere present. <br />After going over the plat located in Section 33,T 117.R,ZI.Edina, <br />Hennepin County#PZat called High View Park, <br />8 motion by Trustee S.K,Stron&,seconded by Trustee Ed.Knudsen <br />that xe accept the plat as offered.afler further consideration <br />The motion v:as mTth dram ”ith the consent of the second and a <br />motion bg:Srusteq,ST;K .Strong,seconded by Trustee C .F.Prescott <br />the nLat of High Viem Park as presented <br />requiring 1,tr.Code to put up a bond for Two ThousaPad (2,000.00) <br />dollars that he r:ould turnpike the streets in a passable condition <br />Hotd,Bn-lprevailtd. E;:r.Codc Agreed to put up the bond. <br />by If!”.R.Code be accepted :