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MP~J .E! ,Ki?-l ,Encixreer for Lytle Pa-rk Sub-divission ms present VJS th <br />8 plat for suspst#ion. After going over the plat, with hlm,some chanses v:em imperative,and he offered to redraw it with the nee- <br />cssary. changes. <br />The Clerk turned over $8.40 received from St.Com,Joy refund on era.d <br />at kYr,Euchanan's snd Nendelssohn road. <br />0 <br />ii'o~~-ed by Trwtee 3.K .Strong,seconded by Trustee C ,F ,Prescott a11 'ro~rl <br />hiZle CDVCVP~ by wa.rra.nts be allomed,carricd. <br />1 ovc?C by Tmstee C .F.Preseott,aeconded by Trustee S,E .Stron.- all <br />other bSlla covered by warrants be allom~ed,carrled . <br />Road Eills Ds n B'ic Gui re team 7 hrs at 9O#"+R ~PS at 70$ $ 53.90 <br />64.10 A . Co bLim 2 'l 7 " <br />5.60 <br />5 e60 L,Zherman labor snow I6 " 354 H,NicNell.I s ESS,Joy St .Cgmmi ssioneri+ 9& days at $5. 47.50 <br />John Bore labor, snow 5 hrs 354 I e75 <br />Erne s t Hans en It 5 35{ I .75 <br />team 18% hrs at 706 (9c 102 354 16.46 <br />9.45 <br />3 a50 <br />4,73 <br />LGO Delsney <br />E,S .Schillinger labor,snow <br />3.50 <br />I .93 <br />R,E,Olson J .C ,Dclancy <br />%alter Girard 7 2.45 <br />It 84 I+ IF <br />I <br />I6 tE <br />IO 354 <br />704 Y .Delaney tt 13s <br />tt 135 <br />3. IO If <br />A . J .Olin&-er 11 5f <br />E,Anderson team 8 hrs at 706 & 58 7.53 <br />A ,Anderson 7 2 a45 $232.20 <br />IVinneapolis Gen.Electric Co. Street lights ,Dec. 55.03 <br />Clarence Knudscn Budge of Sen.Election I2 hrs 3hr. 3.90 <br />F ,. J ,Kokesh one quart of paint ordered by Joy.I.05 59.98 <br />Total .for month # 292.18 6-J <br />Recorder <br />Minutes of Special meeting 02 ppec .22, I923 on page 120.