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\ 121 <br />11 66 It <br />f' 35$shoveling tt :' labor 6 <br />6 <br />A.Coburn <br />Leon Sherman <br />H,McNellis ' .. <br />J MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE 'VILLAGE <br />HELD THEREOF ON THE 9th DAY OF FEBRTJARY <br />COIXNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGUl;lsLR MEETING <br />.I924 .l.-..-...--------__-..-.----*.- :: :: :: ;: :: :: :; ;; :: :: :: ;: :: 2: ;; :: 2% C--...-_--...-.--.--..---..----...-.---- :: :: ;: x x :: :: :: :: : x x :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Y$ _*-. :: :: ?; -.-....... :: :: :: :: :: <br />P, called to oEder by President J .T .Delaney, at the Grange <br />Hal1,2 :30 P.M . <br />All Ncmbcrs present <br />A Resolution regarding the exchange af properties between the I' Village of Edina and the Street Railway Company to straighten <br />3rd Street was rea.d,and after some discussion it was moved by <br />Trustee !T.J.Knudsen2seconded by Trustee S,R.Strong it be laid over till next meeting and in the meantime have Village Attorney <br />examin? t.'w resolution for objectonable fea.tures,carried, Trustefi <br />C .F.Prescott, was ask to see the Attorney in the matter. <br />ldr,Eidcswald & l'dr,Hill the Engineer,was present with the platt of <br />Lytle Park redra.nn with the necessary changes RS SilggeSted,and <br />foimd to eonfom to other streets,On motion by Clerk %.T.Edson, <br />seconded by Trustee H.J,.Rnudsen the plat was accepted on condition <br />Nr.Eidsnsldt place a bond of $500,00 to Village for aesllrance of , ~t~re!~t constri~ictlon. l'vW.Eidswald Tias will-ing to furnish a bond. <br />kr,Jobn f,:oors was present and sa-id the Street Cap Company v~ould <br />wZdm hfs drdvsvay if the Coi;mcil mauld abandon the request for <br />a cross5ng between there and Brosvndale. Movzd by Trustee 13.J. <br />Knudsen,seconded by Trustee SOROStrong the request of the St-reet <br />Car Company be accepted,carried. <br />Itir.Carnpbell!,'ho lives on the J,P.Hansen farm was present and ask vhat proSpPr '- there vm.s for a road from Interlachen Bvd .North <br />thru. CooperP$ driveway to the Street Car Tracks,as the riglit of <br />wag not being given and the road so expensive to build the pro- ject was ~lwr~doneds . <br />Presfdent J .T.Del,aney reported he Sound the A.D.Iiesslcr farnTly <br />in need and had ordered some co&l for them from Philpott & Bailey, <br />and h?t-' assuu2ed them the coal VOUM be pntd for at the next meetfng. <br />Tiaved by Trustee S.K.Strosg,seconded by Trustee C .F.Prescott the <br />ac:i,S on be sij.stafned and the bill alomed, carried. <br />l%~.7.E.Code presented his plat of Hi~&~view Park a.nd bond for <br />gradtry Qf' streets .Eoved by Trustee S-K.St,rong seconded by C .Fa <br />PrescoLt, tbe j11a-G nnrJ bond be accepted,carried. . <br />A Ooromittee from the Edina Improvement AssocZation consisiing of <br />Dr.~~~~.cRe:i_l,Fri'rj Child F.K .?/illson,& H.J.Hill were present dis- <br />ciissins the possibiliiy of building a Community Hallsmd requesting <br />tbe Coimcil to &et behind the project. moved by Trustee S,K*Strong <br />seconded by Trustee H.J.Mnudsen that we, go on record as favoring <br />the project and hold a special election for that purpose,carried, <br />Trustee S,K,Strong and Clerk E.T'iEdson were appointed a committee <br />to confer with Mr.Thorp about a location. <br />The C1e1-k turned over to Treasurer $48.60 received form Stmet Com. <br />eefixnd on grading on Nendelssohn road from County. <br />Moved By Trustee S.K .Strong seconded by Trustee H.J,Iinudsen all, rowd and other bills be allowed,carried. <br />Other bills <br />J .T .Delwney Salary,Gom.mork & special mectings $33.90 <br />It &c etc 39 -80 s .K *Stron~ <br />20.00 <br />It 11 Ct 11 33.90 <br />E ,T .Ed s on G mostb It It tt I81 -20 <br />1053.68 Old rvarrants ^taken up from 32an.t~ Feb.1923 .. -- --- - <br />I& ' 11 It <br />It 11 It I1 .H J ,Rni.~Asen <br />C .F .P?-sscott <br />'Cotal $1.326 .4E Road bills for month <br />iV.S.Joy St .Commissioner g$ days ai $5.00 47 05Q <br />Dan GcGuLre team ' 58 hrs at 70; snon work 40.60 <br />21 .oo James Eeplrmoes !I 30 tt <br />II <br />u <br />I! <br />tl 4 <br />It 4 <br />15 <br />Frank Slavi n <br />Tom Slavin <br />Geo .%ills on It <br />It over 'I <br />46 a20 2.10 <br />2 .IO <br />I .40 <br />Io40 5.25