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L 122 'I <br />Grant Collier labor I5 hrs. at S5$ shoveling 8 5,25 <br />11.20 32 R E .. 01s on <br />E,Anderson team 203 at 70@ 2Ohr at 356 2I,95 <br />25,20 36 <br />36 <br />I4 Pat GTraml <br />4 B.nTovaB <br />I1 A.knderson 11 <br />Total road bills $270 a 10 Ealance of other bills <br />Geo. J .Silk publishibg ordinance and monthly report 43,60 <br />Hlnneapolis Gen.Electric Street lights for Jan. 40.33 <br />Hopkins State Bank interest on warrants taken up 117.36 <br />104.00 J r. J ,Duggan <br />To"t.-43. ather bills <br />Total road bL1ls 270. IO <br />Total for month $1885.37 <br />l& lt <br />tl <br />18 25.20 <br />4 090 <br />1.40 <br />3 085 <br />J .C .Delaneg I& Leo.Delaney ik <br />Ti .Girard labor 12 at 354 I 4 .e0 <br />11 <br />It <br />11 <br />11 <br />It <br />Geo,EJillam Sr. hall rent for I923 55.00 <br />Pnilpott & Bailey coal for the A.D.Kessler family IO. 00 <br />:,p15.27 <br />treasurer Is salary and supplies <br />No further bugfness meeting ad journed on motion. <br />.Recorder. <br />A Special mec"cinC bP%he+Vi?.Gkage Council was held at the School <br />house at 8: P,IJ, <br />Meeting called to order by President J,T.Delanay. <br />Members anssering roll call were Pres. J .T .Delaneg,Trustees <br />Veeting vms held for the purpose of conferring with rAr.Geo,L. <br />Eilson af the Street Gar Corrpany fn regafd to the aidenlng <br />L'r John -1Goorc s driveway under the Car Tracks <br />H,J,Knudsen,C,F.PrescotL eC SIK .Strong and Clerk E,T.Edson. *. <br />t'r ,Geo .L.7Z.lson,ICr ,Moore and others vere nresent.. <br />The Coimcfl ask for a thirty foOt(30) dp&r~ ai$& 8 12; foot <br />c learanc e a <br />i;r,Tilson,Supt .of Right of Way,vras iyilling to grant the reqt?est if the Gowlc'fl aauld not ask for aorther crossing between there <br />and Eromdale. <br />l~r-.T~flson also sugzesked %he Council make a vi-itten request to <br />the Compacy as t.a vidth and height. The CoiJneil r.roulc1 revfcT:j the <br />matter at the next regular- meeting, <br />Improvement Association to discuss the Community Euildlng Project. <br />** <br />-The meeting adjourned to meet the ,oomittee from the Cdina <br />Ed*</-- Re e $:, r d c r .