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Minutes of the regular and special meeting read and approved, <br />Truatee 5.K .Strong reported for the eommit.t;ee on the Community <br />Euilding that they had interviewed nTr.Thorpe and found him en- thused idth the idea of erecting a burldin~,anticipatine future <br />needs and ir! harmony with proposed bulldings in 5h.e immeadite viclnity,rhile the Committee asked for the site opposite the <br />Grange Rall,Xr,Thorpe suggested the site near or There the old <br />i?Ap1;111 stands with. front entrance on the street. and a \basement entrance at the rear, P2r Thorpe suggested the Village invest as much as -they wished on the hall and offered to cooperate vIith <br />sufficient sum to 9% a building rrith office and store space for maintinance and dident ask any equitq In the buildfng or manage- <br />ruent 6nly to pass on the plans, <br />0