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\ 125 <br />MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VIUAGE COUNCIL <br />HELD ON THE 12th OF APRIL <br />OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIIdA AT A REGULAR MEETING THEREOF <br />I924 <br />,, ., . ,. ,, , I. .,' ,2.,i 11) =-~ ,, ., *, *, ), ,:.:;>L:t.V. .t.V.?<2<>C>C.Y *8 S %# 3, \. U 'I V *9 ** V .t V W V I *I *. $I 'e 1. 3, *t ., .. ., I. n I. .. I. I. .fir' ,,-5,--~-i,-SC-~-i.-X--~--~-;,--~-i,-;:-,.'iSiiiZii~.'1:5,-Si;C ><:<:<',- ,t ',* ?<.., ., *LI .c:<>z 'L2C <br />Meeting called to order by President J,T.Delaney,at the Grange hall <br />All members ansmred roll call. Report of committees. <br />at I :30 P.r)::". <br />Trustee S,K.Stron& reported that the committee coGsidered it in- advisable to agree n3L to ask for any grossing over the <br />tracks betwmen Moore's ddvevmy and Browndale crossing .but suggested a cormittee be appointed to interview the Company regarding D!loore's <br />drivemag,but it WRS decided on motion of Trustee H,J.Hnudsen and ' <br />secon%ed by Trustee S.K.Strong that the Clerk be instructed to write <br />Car Company mking for an overhead crossfng with a 30 foot span and <br />R 12; foot clearance for Moore's driveway,to be completed this season. <br />I\fr.I.Hjort asked for some work onJAaloney Ave.Trustee H,J.Knudsen <br />moved and Trustee S.K,Strong seconded,the request be grmted,carr%ed, <br />@ Street Car <br />Mr.Merriam presented,Por Thorpe Bros.,a new plat of that portion of tho Brown farm lying North and East sf the mill pond,and asked that the former plat be vacated. The fol1o:rlng resolution was offered and on motion of Trustee R,J,Knudsen <br />seconeded by Trustee C.F,Prescott was accepted. <br />RBSOLUTIbN,Whereas ,Thorpe Bros (a corp0ration)and Browndale Farm, <br />(a corporation) the owners of certain lands in the Village of Edina: <br />caused the same to be plated a8 COUNTEY CLUB DISTRICT BROiiiN FARM <br />and said plat was duly-approved-and accepted by the Village Council of the Vfllage of Edina,and was filed for record in the office of the <br />Register of Deeds Of] Hennepin County,Minnesota,on January IIth,I923, <br />at 9:10 A.M. and was duly recorded in said Register of Deeds office <br />in Book 82 of Plats on page I4,and; <br />Vhereas,sa.l.d Thorpe Bros.(a corporation) and Browndale Farm (a corporation) <br />desires to vacate said plat and re-plat said lands nd petitioned the <br />streets,avenues,boulevards,and lanes as shovm on said plat,and it appearing that it will be for the best interests of the owners of <br />said lands and of the public to vacate said.parks,streets,avenues, <br />!FH$REF€SE BE IT RESOhED,that each and all of the parks streets avenues, boulevards and lanes as shovm on the plat of said COUNTRY CLUB BISTRIC, <br />BROtIN FARM be,and the same &re hereby vacated, <br />Moved by Trustee S.K.Strong,seconeded by Trustee C.F.Prescott the <br />following resoltltion be adopted,carried, <br />Be XtResolred by the Village Council of the Village of Edina,that the <br />plat of certain lands l~ing North and East of the Mi11 pond in said <br />ViI,ZRpeqsurveyed and platted as COUNTRY CLUB bISTRIC ,Browndale <br />gfecbian and dedicated by the owners and proprietors of said lands, <br />Thorpe Br0s.k Browndale Farm 1nc.tmder date of April 8th I924 be <br />and the same is hereby approved and accepted. <br />7i,P,Cooper and C,A.Holm were present discussing the pssibilities Of <br />a road running North from Interlachen Boulevard thru the Booper drive- <br />rvaaJ: to the Street Car tracks.Mr,Coqper said they would <br />right of way thru the €!ooper 1and::i'f Mr.Pearson would alright and <br />if not the road could bend to miss the Pearson property. Xoved by Trustee S.K,Strong,seconeded by Trustee C,F,Prescott the matter be referred to the Road Committee to consider,carried, <br />E.Cooper ,C .S .Burch,L .E,Strong and others were present asking for a <br />bridge over the Dan Patch Rzxilroad at Eenton Are,7farden,Acrss,in place of a grade crossing the right of way calls for. <br />Moved by Trustee H,J,Knudsen seconeded by S,K,Strong the matter be takefi up with the Railroad People,carried, Trustee S,K,Strong & <br />Trustee H.J,Knudsen. were made the Committee, <br />Trustee S.IC,Strong presented a plumbing ordinance and recomexded Its <br />adoptionpftcr looking it over and some discussion it was moved by <br />Trustee H.J.Rnudsen,seconeded by Trustee C.F,Prescott the odinance <br />' was accepted and a esrrmgttee te... appointed for issuoing the ordinance <br />and lPrustee C.F,Prescott mere named as committee, <br />Village Council of the Village of Edina to wicgte a 9f 1 of the parks, <br />J boulevards and lanes <br />, <br />give the <br />' <br />2 and solicit advertising -to cover cost.Clerk E.T,Edson,Trustee S,K.Strong <br />.