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12s \ MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUE-CIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />THEFiEOF HELD OH THE 10th DAY OF MAY <br />I924 <br />3 CfSL 5 JZ.X%" >f >%.% *5,V,IC 2 C 2% X.". 2P..u-.q..%'.-t: .U..*Z.V- 9. .W.-%: %-V. J0 W ..%J~-~I....'I...,UI.V..u,l. JC.*C.".U,. tr dh t. eb, rb rC n n n #b 5r n n I) .> . n n n n fb +b A ab ,, n .. n 15 n d?,- ,* 111 n 0 #b 4, #b ,r* tb II 4. m n <br />Meeting called to- order by President J,T.Delaney, <br />A members answered roll call. <br />MJIinute,s of the last meeting read and approved. <br />The time mas given over to the pwple in vraiting and the Reports of <br />the Committees taken up later. Mr.Nowak,of the Egan,Field & Nurrak Co,Engineors<-& E,lJ,P!lurphy of the <br />N.P.L)odgc Realeshdx? Bo as"~:h'aha mere present and offered 8 plat of <br />. the Schack Farm, Agter duly considering the platythe Planning Com- <br />mission having approved it it was moved by Trustee H,J,Knudsen <br />seconeded by Trustee:S'&fSCrong that we accept the plat requiring a $5000.00 bond for gradin8 the streets,The .President and Clerk <br />authorized to sign when the bond was given,carried, <br />Mr,John Moore presented a plat of roads on his property moved by <br />be accepted,carried. <br />. _- <br />- Trustee H,J,Enudsen,seconeded by Trustee C .F,Prescott t&e plat <br />I <br />Dr,V,H,HaclTeil presented a request in behalf of the Edina Improve- <br />Gent Association,that Village Council ask the Telephone Company <br />to transfer wires to one side of the road on Nomandale Boulevard <br />and remove the poles vacated The Clerk was authorized to write the <br />Telephone Company, care of L.L,Sutten to that effect .Follow€ng Com- <br />mittee reports were given, <br />s,E,Strong reported that there was on trouble selling advertising <br />space in the Plumbing Ordinance,already some $25 or $30 worth had <br />been spoken for at $2.50 for 1-3 page or $7 for a whole page. <br />And on motion the Committee in charge was instructed to-complete. <br />and publish. Trustee S,K.Strogg reported he had gone over the streets on John <br />Moorefs tract and found them graded in good candilion, <br />Having found AiTackcy.Avenue was already graded to the Street Car <br />Right of Pray and it being unwise to bind the Village as to crossfags <br />It was moved By Trustee H,J,Knudsen,seconeded Clerk E,T,Edson the resolu%ion passed February 9,1924,agreein~ not to ask for any crossing over the Street Car Tracks between hrir .Mooref s driveway <br />and Browndale is hereby repealed,carried. To that effect the Clerk <br />was instructed to write the Street Car Company that the Village Council could not and would not pass such a resolution,not to.ask <br />for any other c~Os8~nc3. <br />Trustee S.K,Strong reported.Thorpe Bras* wanted permission to lay <br />semer pipe from Club house on top of mater mains to ddry well to take care of the shoker bath overflow, <br />Moved' by Trustee C .F,l?rescott and seconeded by Trustee H, J,Knudsen <br />- the request be granted,aith the top of dry well to be at least five <br />(5ft) feet below surface with an ei...ght (8") re-dnforeed concreto <br />cover,and a copy of this permit be sent Thorpe Byos. Carried. <br />Trustee S.E,Strong reported for the Committee to the Minneapolis <br />Northfield & Southern Ry. regarding a bridge over track at BentPn <br />Arc,Earden Acres. Nlr,DDooleg said the Company's funds were lotv at this time but later in the season they might be able to eo-operate with the t'fllage in the matter . <br />Moved by Trustee H.J,Knudsen seconeded by Trustee S,K,Strong we <br />present the follo3ing resolution to the Raflroad Peoplc,carried . <br />RESQZT7TION, 3hereas the Village Councfl of the Village of Edha <br />has been petftioned to open Benton Avenue,\Tarden Acres,across the Minneapolis ,Northfield & Southern tracks and %hereas the conditions are such that a grade crossing would be <br />dangerons and unsatisfactory,No~r <br />Therefore,Be It Resolved by the Village Council. of the ViIlage of <br />Edina that they respectfully request your honorable body for w <br />bridge crossing over the Raflroad tracks at Benton Avenue,Warden Bcres,Edina,Hennepin County Nlnnesota, To lessen the danger and <br />give more satisfactory service, <br />In the matter of opening 54 Street it was found the law would not <br />permit the County to help irW.putting the street thru,and the project was laid over for more favorable legislation,