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138) I <br />OF <br />MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE COUNCIL <br />TIE3 VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A SPECI#L MEETING THEREOF HE332 <br />.QH THE 21 st,DAX .OR MAY <br />E'resldelzt J.T,Delaney called the meeting to order, <br />All members present ht Trustee H.J,Hnudsen. <br />0 The mee-tlng was called to look over the Building Ordinance covering <br />complaints agafnst Mr.Rixon,and to discuss the Nothern State Power Franchise and others matters. <br />1% was decided that if the Xillage Attorneg found the ordinance <br />covered Mr.A.H,N%xon's case,we mould take legal action agafnst,him. <br />Tbe Clerk vias instructed to tee the Ordinance book to the Attorney <br />In the matter of granting the Northern States Power a franch%se,It <br />was moved by Trusree S,K,Strong and eeconded by Trustee C,F,Prescott <br />the franchise be laid over until1 the next regular meeting,carried. <br />Mr.J,Moore's crossing gas taken up and after duly considering the 7 <br />niatter, the Clerk was instructed to write the Street Car Co.requestfng the cmssing as predous3y asked for. *c <br />. EJa- Ra! &LAW <br />SPECIAL MEETIRG HELD MAY 23rd 1924. <br />President J,T.Delaney called the meeting to order, <br />.All members aas-crered roll call but Trustee H,J,Hnudsen. <br />The meeting vas c'allcd for hearing the complaint of a delegaelion of <br />I7 of Brookside residents,protestfng $he mixing plant of the General <br />Contracting Company located on the Dan Patch Ram, Brookside. <br />For mixing the paring for the Country Club oistrict Browndale. <br />Attorney H.R,Hewit% was present also Mr.LaVarre of the Contracting <br />Company, <br />of .Mrs .C .R'.VTnson,Mrs ,W,S. &.E, J,L,Rutledge,%r Ek Mrs John <br />Salsbwg and sthem, <br />Wfx-,Madison asked if the Council had given the Contraction company <br />pezmiss2bf.i to operate on the RailxIay right, of way. He was answered <br />in the negative as none had been asked for.or needed. <br />The Villsge Attorney H,R,Hewftt explained'to them that it vias a pamonal and not 8 Village maeter and the aourts were open to them. <br />e Mr,Madfson acted 8s spolrsman fop the delegation consistfng <br />Mr.LaVarre explained the Proi4abng Of the plane and assured them he <br />would take every precaution to disturb them as little as possible, ' <br />MPS Vinson spoke of the trucks driving too fast by the school children <br />The Contractor assured her he mould. see to it that the drivers would <br />Nir.Geo .Blatre of the EXectrlc Co .was present and their franchise vias <br />discussed,it was decided that would meet' Electric Go? s Attorney and 'redraft the franchise.!l!rustee S.K.StPong made a motlon to that effebt, <br />The Brf6g8 .over the Mpls .N .& Southern tracks was .talked over and <br />decided Unsafe for heavy trafflc,and thought best to post the bridge, <br />The Clerk was asked to notify the R,R.Comgany of its condition and <br />ask.for repairs at :bc-'made at once, .The Clerk nas also ,to see about <br />The County Commfssioners. asked orally for a letter of approval from the V+llage Council approving the ditch they were planning on%ine <br />Mile Creek,running South from the Poor Farm. The Clerk was instructed. to write the County Cornisstoners a letter of approvaljupon-motion of Trustee C,F.PrescOtt,seconded by Trustee <br />S;K,Strong. . <br />Cieefing adjoW%6 <br />- <br />' clean up. and get avfay- as won as posslbla. <br />: . <br />~ be capeful. <br />.- some .cards for posting bridges, <br />e' <br />ze J, z/+c- <br />Recorder