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131 <br />MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF TKE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A SPECIAL RBETING' <br />THEREOF HELD OM TISE 8th OF JUNE <br />I924 <br />~c~*.c~..~,,*~e:~~.,,~~~..,~ .. .> *, ,, ,I ., .. ., ., ,, ,, .# " " " ., ., ., ,, .# +&>e'. .I " *I %A, u J, " v "s.>:g 4 A i+ A .. ., ,$ ,* ,~~~-~ii~,~~i~~~~~i~.~~~-~~-,.-~~~~-~~~~~~,<-,~~~;~.~~-~~,~ ,.iT;fi<tSi\ **.5r.,,..X'i.'5,''r <br />Meeting called to order by President J,T,Delaney at the home of the <br />Clerk President J,T,Delanay,Trustee C,F,Prescott 8s S.K,Strong and Clerk <br />E.T,Edson answered roll cal1,Trustee H,J.Knudsen being absent. <br />The meeting was called for the purpose of accepting a new plat of the <br />Bafrd Property,called Fairway Section,of the Country Club District, <br />presented by Mr.Driver and Mrdorse for Thorpe Bros,,the first plat <br />having been vacated. <br />After due consideratfon,it was moved by Trustee S,R,Strong,seconded <br />by Clerk E,T,Eilson the plat. as offered be accepted and signed,carr€ed. <br />0 <br />- <br />Meeting Adjourned. Recorder <br />I <br />.. <br />. <br />.