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MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HEW OM TKE 14th DAY OF JUNE <br />'a <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />1924 <br />Y.V,~..-::'.:S.''.~~.~~.~~*.~~:' ,. .. .. ,. dl .. a ,. ,e=x *# yi -:.',t+t .x.*z ->;$$,%x..;'. x- .% -:b.~.Z:-.;:,~~-~.-~~~~~.~-~. <br />President J.T.Dclaney called the meeting to order at the Grange Hall, <br />at 7:30 P&?. <br />All members present but Trustee S,R,Strong. <br />Minutes of the last regular and special meetings read and approved. <br />The Clerk presented a letter from Mr,Doole$ of the Mpls.Northfield & <br />Southern Ryeregarding the new bridge asked for over their tracks at Benton Avenue. Er.Llooley rranted a little better understanding vith the Village Council <br />and asked that a Committee be appointed to meet with.hlm as soon as <br />' convtnient.Trustee S.K,Strong and Clerk Edson were made the Committee, <br />The Clerk reported that the bridge at Interlachen road over the rail- <br />road track was not posted because the Railroad People repaired it. <br />at once. <br />Mr.John Koore presented the Village with a deed to the Poads on his <br />property, On motion of Trustee H.J.Knudsen,seconded by Wuseee C.F, Prescott the deed was accepted. <br />A complaint 'was entered about the first telephone pole North of <br />Brookside Station as befng in a dangerous place,just at the curve in the stFeef; as it comes from under the viaduct oa West 44 Street,also <br />a pole inc.the street at the intersection of 3rd St,and Poor Pam Road. <br />Best Mpls.Efefghts,as being too far out in the street, <br />After some discussion the Clerk rms ins%ructed to mite the Telemone <br />COmpang &king that thesa"tmo'p0leS 'LsC moved. <br />Permission was granted the Minneapolfs General EGectric Go. to place <br />5 pales from Normandale 80UXbVwd to Clubhouse on 50th Streetl one <br />pole on Xerxes Ave and 54 St.S.sfth out lamp,but the City may- put one 'there and maintain it at the2.r expense*% <br />It mas moved by Trustee H-J,Knudsen,Seconded by Trustee C;F,PrescotL <br />a certain Ordinance adop$ed Man 10th 1913.,regulating the size of <br />lots and width of streets in plats and number of dwellings that may <br />be built or moved on any one lot or width of frontage; the word "Hereafter" be stricken out OS section one,# I 3 and it shall wad <br />Sec 18 That in all lands platted in the Village,the lots shall not <br />be less than fifty feet in width by me hundred and twentyeight feet in depth exclusi%e of adjacentnstreets and highways. No street shall <br />be less than fortyfour feet in ~dth unless by special permission <br />of Village Council first had and obtained,carried <br />After some discussion the new street In mendalssohn Add.was ordered in on motion of Trustee C,F.Prescott,seconded by Trustee H.J,Knudsen. <br />A motion was made by Trustee H,J.Knudsen,secorided by Trustee C.F. <br />wescotton the petition of Lillian WtSnyder SC Frank Snyder for an <br />osder dedicating a certain easement for public road RS follovm. <br />A Strip of land 30 feet wide off of North side of NrIE 9 of S E 2 <br />Section 19,in T 28 R 24 be accepted and sifnedicarried.F~r~~x <br />The bill of E,A,Petcrson of 37 hrs ditching along road in Norman- <br />dale Add .rms alowed . <br />President J,T,Delaney,J.J.Duegan and H.J.Knudsen were appolnted <br />3udges ,and Clerk E,T .Edson and Trustee C,F.Prescott as clez-ks of Primary Election.J.L,Rutledge and H.CHansen as counting judges and <br />D,F,BcGuire and Gco.lVillson as clerks <br />Add e <br />Presfdent J.T.Delaney,J.J.Duggan and Clerk E,T,Edson vere appointed <br />delegates to the Municipal convention .at Detroit8 <br />Received from the State Dalry and Food Dtpart,ment,$IB.OO Clgarett license. <br />Received from County Treasurer,advance on June settlenent $2000.00 <br />k <br />*