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a35 <br />The meeting was called at the request of the people of Brookside <br />Edina. To discuss why the proposed City of Brookside St.Louis <br />Parkishould include Brookside,Edinatin their corporate limits <br />Mr,F,S,OhiLd told of the proposed plan of Brookslde,St.Louis <br />Park,is desirous of making a City of the 4th class and not having the required populat5Cb would tRke if,possible,that of <br />Edina known as Brookside and Browndale Par%,about I85 or more <br />axcres 1L <br />There appears on the Brookside petition'about I88 names and I2 from Edina,which is much less than two-thirds majorlty,required, <br />From a canvass made among the 21 present from the effected <br />distplct only fow admitted signing the petitfon 819 slgn'lfying <br />any desire to go into the new City. <br />, The Village GsuncLl was requested to take any and all steps pos- <br />sible to prevent the with drawal of 33rookside fPom Edina. <br />Sonic! dh6atlsfaC&fOn was expressed by Mrs .Salsbwy and Mr.Madi8sn as perhaps not getting theip sham of the gtre&t--gradSng -and <br />weed cutting, They wewe told the Csrxncil was endeavsurlng to be fair with all sections of the VilHage,but while no ext~a attraetlons could be offered them, they osu%dkibe-tassum'd -of as good treatment <br />as the rest of" the VSllage. <br />Dr.W,R,MacNeiS spoke,assure€ng Council of tho support of the EdZna <br />Improvement AssocfatiOn to the last. <br />Aftcr some further discussion the following resohition was offered, <br />Vhareas the Brooskside portfon of the Village of Edltna has been <br />included in the proposed new Cfty of the 4th elass,called Cfty of Brookside, and whereas the majopfty are not fn favor of being <br />taken in and Yhercas PJe,the Village Council of the Village of <br />Edina are of the opinion that the proposal is detrfrnentab to <br />the welfare of the Bmokside residents ,Therefore Be It Resolved that the VflPage Council instruct its attorney to take any and legal action to protect its BrPoolrsfde residents %rho reside in <br />the district effected. Trustee S.K,Strong moved the adoption Of <br />the resolution.Trustee C,F,Preacott seconded the foregoing <br />resslution.Motion carried unan€manEky. <br />Oferk E,T.Edson and F.S,Child was appointed 8 e.c2mmlttee to inter- <br />view <br />Attorney H,R,Hewitt.with instmctisna to place the matter .fn <br />- <br />Attorneys Stevens and Stevens,fn the absence of Village <br />their hands. <br />The meeting adjourned. Ree order