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MINUTES OF THE PROCEEnlICGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIKA AT A REGULAR IdEETIJSG <br />THEFiEOF HELD ON THE 12th DAY OF JULY <br />I924 <br />.u, *.I. .. .. .<."*." 2.- .'*.>CJ<.. .,I,- Z.-.U,~....,C.15.~..".:~,"..V.r." .CU.4# " "ab. .* ..y.u .I. .* .. ,r*- is ,; 4. I, n' t. o ., .* .,- .; ,, >:% a,?, i2ir.i. ,,* fld;.-h d'r~'n' .I ,t .* .c n e <br />Meeting called to 0rder:by President J.T .Delaney,in the Qpange Hall <br />at 7ZOO P.X. <br />All members present. <br />Minutes of the last regular and special meeeings were mad and <br />approved m <br />The regular proceedings were dfspensen with to dfscuss informally <br />UrlBh Mr,SIS,Thorpe and Mr,Dorsey his Atty about street impm?ovc- mnts of the Fafrway Section of hountry Ciub Distpiet, <br />Mr.Thsrpe offered 8 petftion to the Village Council praying %ha$ a resol~rtfon be adopted to improve the streatn of the Fafrway Sec%fsn <br />by lay%ng eupbs and gut%ers,entfre cost ai cbhsMctPon to be <br />assessed upon abbutting property,and no part thereof to be paild <br />After considerable dfscussion ,it was moved by TmPustes H,J,IIPludsen, <br />seconded by Trustee C .F.Prescot% the POllQKtng ~eselutfon was adoptede Subject to Village Attorney H,R,Henitt's approval <br />3HEREAS a ~o~tafn peeftion has been filed fn the dh'iee of the VtiPage <br />Clerk of the Vfllage of Edfwa Hemapfn 60~nty,r.~fn~1a~ota on the 12th <br />day of July,I924 requestfng %&at @%em and curb be laid on the <br />folBmlng descri&ed streets as sePt forth in a hove named petition - A11 fn Fairway Seatisn,Country Club Dfstri&,in said Village accsrdbng <br />to the pia% thereof on ffle and of Pecsrd in the Office sf ha WegZsteno <br />02 Deeqs of Hennapun County,Minnesota,~~c~ pe%;ftfon is signed by, the omsrsfof thr verfoue tracts and lots of land set opposfte theSp <br />respective signatures thereto,rrhich tracts and lots of land respec%fv&%y <br />abut upon the streets so pctitfoned to improved,whi& petitioned has <br />been examfned and found to be signed by the owners of more than fifty <br />per cent of the property abuttfng upon said streata,and nMoh pa$it%on <br />fs made in accordance rfith Elfnnesota I957 P l!WR' THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED,bY the Village Counbfl of the VflhgG of <br />Edfmsa Hsnncpfn Coun~y,Minnesota,that the petition <br />the Vhlage Clerk,for the fmprovement <br />cwbs on the above descrfbed streets found and determined to be in 'tne and proper fomii and to eontafn <br />the orfginal signatures of the omem of more fffty (50 %) per cent of the property abutting upon sa%d stresBs,ahich petl%%on 1s <br />hweby acceptodiand, <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said petitfon bs considered and the making <br />of the improvcmentipstjtfoned for therein,shall ba cons%dared at a <br />meeting to be held on the 1st day of A~ust, Z924,at the G~ange Hall fn sat6 VIl%sg:c at 8 O'clock P.K,,and that notice thereof be given <br />by publicatifon for two (2) nucoessfvemeeks in Bennepfn Comity EIP~~P- <br />ppfse,the sffiefa% newspaper of said Village,the first pubPfcatfon to <br />be a% least ;fQwteen (Ilk) diys prior to the date of such maal5ng,nhfcfa not%co shall Bo in substantially the same fomzrn 88 set forth in sald <br />petltBon <br />0x1 mo%ion of Wustee CoF,~e~~cott seconded by Trustee S,R,Stn?ong the <br />follenfng resolution vas adopted. mereas in the opinion of the Village Council a Sanitary sen ox^ and 8 <br />Storm Sever 9s necessary for the fairnag Sactllon of the Country Club <br />BStstrfct and whereas the cost shall be asseslrred to assessment for loeal Improvements and no part of such costa of any said sewer shall be or constitute a General charge a&iinst the <br />VAIlage . <br />HOl7 THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVEDy%hat Bomera OPdfnancs No I ,Fa5~vmy SectZosa. <br />.Complrg Club Dfstrictgfo& cons%mctfag SanitaPg and Storm Sanars <br />along certafn streets in FaSray See-bfon,Cowltry Club Dfstfi@%,b3 <br />adopted. A petition,signed by eight people residing on Motor Street ,Brookside. <br />$0 put Potor Street back to original rddth and grade ~ias presented, <br />after consideration at vas moved by Trustee H,J,Knudsen,seconded by <br />Trustee C,F,Prescott the patition be accepted and placed on ffltu- <br />pending the out come of the new City of Brookside movehent,carrfed, <br />out of the VSlLage funds, <br />. <br />tho provisions of Chapter 364,Lams of <br />e no2 om fltHe rrith <br />the laying of guttars amd <br />in said Villagoyis hereby <br />- <br />~ <br />against lands subgee& <br />0 <br />Mr,Schnecky made a complaint to Trustee C,F,Prescott of rzater running <br />OR his place from a culvert across the street,it vas referred to <br />the Road & Bridge Gommittee, <br />A,letter was read from Atty.H.S,SlacR,for the Bull heirs,claming 330 fee$ on 49 street :7est from France Ave and the following anst'rer b President JOT .Delaney was read, saying komer Att .Geo,S,Grimes ha instructed the Council that the mcords dident s~ow the Bull heirs ?I