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&leetine; called to orde-r by president J,T.Delaney,in the grange Hall. <br />at 8s PX. <br />All members presel?t. <br />Lleeting vas called for the purposeof hearing complaints against the <br />erection of! barns in the vicinfty of Ind-lana Avenue and 50 Street, <br />also 'to pass on the platt of Vest Fuller Street as offered by R,G. Luelfgerodt,and okher matters of the hour. <br />The plat vias taken up first and after goin8 over it carefully i't vas found that certain changes were necessary to make it comply rdth the platting ord~nance,~~r.Luellgerodt vas milling to malce the changes and <br />Trustee H,J,Knudsen moved that the plat be accepted when the changes <br />were made and the President and Clerk instructed to sign,Trustee S.K. <br />Strong seconded the foregoing motion,carrfed, (p?.Qt signed July 21 024) <br />l&,B.N,Wallace of 4120 Best 50th S%reet,FJIr .VanEpps and Mr.Mortensen <br />nere present. Er,Tallace offered a petition signed by 9 residents on or neap Endana <br />Avecall property owjers,protesting the bullding bams On Indana-Avei <br />to house stock. <br />The petition vas accepted and placed on file by motion of Trustee C,F, <br />PP'escott ,seconded by Trustee HD J.Knudsen. <br />-. <br />Mr,Van Epps said he intended to build a house,garrage and chfcken house, and.ask for permission to build a barn for three (3) head of stock. <br />Two vo~k horses and a driving horsed His request was laid over pending <br />the adoption of the nerr building ordinance his request for two houses <br />on one lot aas*denied,as the Ordinance wouid not permit two houses on one 10%. Ii?r,Van Epps expressed him self as being rSrlling to bomplg with the <br />Village Ordinance. in regard to his building operations . ?&,Van Epps asked abouti a grade for Ms house and the Council suggested he make his grade according to the house across the street,ivhich was <br />satisfactory to him. .e <br />A letter vas read from the Superintendent of Mpls.General Hospital <br />&W*T*E.L€st ,regarding emergency calls in Bdina,that the Viflage is <br />supposed to pay for such calls. <br />The Clerk was Instructed to mite Mr,List advising them to get their of whom called unless authorized by the Village Council, <br />A letter form Mr,Bean of the Children's pro'tec'tive Association asking for help for the 0'Oette family In Codetls High View Park,for two <br />weeks as they were badly in need of food. Trustee S,K,Stroag con- <br />firmed the report that Mr.O'Dette formerly worked for Thorpe &os. <br />but was let out July 29th. President d,T.Delaney,Trustee S,R,Strorag and Clerk E,T,EdSOn Investigated and found the family greatly In need <br />Trustee S.R,Strong offered to get the necessary provis#ions at the Village expense,and the matter was .twned over to Urn* <br />On motion meeting adjourned <br />RecontSer