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139 <br />President J,T.Delaney called the meeting to order at the home of <br />Trustee S.K,Strong. <br />All Members present but Trustee H,J.Xnudsen. <br />The meeting was called for the purpose of adopting an ordinance <br />governing the location of barns and buildings for the houseing <br />of animals and fowiL8. The Clerk offered data on ordinance from the Municipal Referrence Bureaul and a sustable ordinance was written,and the following <br />resolution for Its adoption mas offered by Trustee S.K,Strong. <br />a <br />Whereas portions of patted property have become so thickly settled <br />that barns and bui1dLS.ngs for huosine animals and fowls ape <br />detrimentai to health and happiness,and <br />Therefore be It Resolved,by the Village Council of the Village of <br />Edina that the Ordinance as drawfi regulating the location and buildings for the houslng of animals and fowls,be adopted and <br />published in the Hennepin County Enterprise accsrding to the lams <br />of Minnesota. Timtee C ,F,Prescott seconded the foregoing resolution. All Menbers <br />present voted for its adoption, <br />On motion the rneetlng adjourned. <br />Recorder <br />IvjINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE FIRST DAY OF AWGUST <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A SPECIAL 1lIEETING <br />I92 4 <br />County,~~innesota,vras duly called and held on August 1st ,1964, at <br />8: o’clock P,I4.,at the Grange Hs.11 in said Vtllage. <br />On roll call the follotvfng members wem present: <br />:~..c.:~:~CJZ~C.~..L.C~~..~.~. .I. . 8. a. 1. .. I, . , I) n riS: .I (I. 8. db .. A I. nX d- ai ,\ 15 n a. n /+ n I% 8. W’#b ?r”n’5.’5~l,l.r n’ ~f..’~;S.’r,~~.~..~s.~~..U.~~;~.u.:~.:~5.~c.\~,~~.~~z:~.~b.~c:~.~1 *tv v ** v *rppyF <br />k meeting of the Vfllage council of the Village of Edfna Hennepin <br />President - J,T.Delaney <br />Trustees - H.J,Knudsen <br />C.F.Prescott <br />Village Clerk - E,T,Edson <br />Trustee - S.K,Strong Absent <br />No minutes were read, <br />The F”resSdeat annoiinced that this was a meetfmg of the Village <br />Council held pulosuant to notics,duly publfshed,foP the constructiOn of curbs and gutters .in certain streets in Fafmay Section,Countrg <br />Club Dlstrfct,in said Village,as more’ fully descpfbed in sueh <br />notice and in resolution adopted July 12,1924. He then called for <br />objee%3ons 01” remarks on the proposed .curbs and gutter an such atreelts <br />The folEe-r.ring persons (OF one) spoke in refepence thereto: <br />I~r,S,S,Th~rpe,o~~ner’ of‘ the property,ylholly In favor of the proposftfon, <br />t <br />after general discussion there on,Trustee C,F,Brescott moved the <br />adoption of the following resolution: <br />* <br />BE IT RESOLVED,by the Village Council of the Village of Edina,Hennepfn <br />Coiinty,~~knnesota,ehat those streets in Fairway SecLion,Country Club <br />DisLrlct,fn ss4d Yillage Couflcil on July 12,1924,b; improved by laying and constructfng gutters and curbs along the same,and that the costs thereof be <br />assessed against the abutting property,b&sed UDOII the number of <br />feet fronting thereon, <br />as described in lresolution adopted by this