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L*IIJUlX3S OF THE WOCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COTJIICIL OF T'HE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR FEETING <br />TEFrEOF HEm 014 THE 9th DAY OF AUGUST <br />1924 <br />."-*: ..*-. ,*,. # " .. ., ., " ., ., .. " .. .. ,, v *, u ,. " .*" .. .. I. " I.., .. ..> .. .*p.*"..up-"*p**.** r.., ,f .,*.-, --,,.* *,..**. ~ .' *. .. .. .- .. .-.. ,. .. .- ." .. .. 1. .- .. -- .- .- .* .. .. <br />I. ,L n I* .. .. .. I. .. ,. .* .. .. ,.*.a 6. d'. .. u 1. I... *I ,. ., ,. ., ,. r, .. 4, <br />Meeting called to order by President J,T,Delaney e.t 8: PJa <br />e All members ansYuered roll call with Treasurep J,J,Duggan absent. <br />The minutes of the regular meeting of July I2,and special meeTdngs of July I8 and 21,slso Aug 1st 1924 mere read and approved. <br />The regular order of business was suspended to hear from the dele- <br />gatzon of Test, 49th Street, Mr,V,H,Adams In behalf OF the delegatton <br />ask that 49th Street ?Test from France Avenue be graded,l:r.Trn Kell, <br />Geo.Payne,E. J.PsL'r,y,ldr.~ickluri~ and others zho are property otmers <br />TJere present <br />Apet-ltion vias presented signed by 13 property bvmers in the vScinitg <br />requesting the opening trE-49th Street extending Test From France Ave. <br />to the nev Thorpe Addition. <br />Eoved by Trustee H. J.Hnudsen Secmderl Trustee CIF,Prescott the <br />pet-ttion be accepted mith the xirden&ind%ng that a new petition be presented agreeing to make the Street 40 feet instead of 35 feet in <br />midth and assessing costs of the street to the abutting property, <br />carried e <br />Mr.Pollock of the Sauth Harriet Bark Improvement Association asked to <br />have 54Street 7, graveled from Booddale to France Avenue and side streets as they leave 54 Street,gr-aveled for a short distance, They were told that when the Street vias made it vas nevep properly <br />graveled,and as the Vfllage leavy '*A& only a maintenance flxnd that <br />it would be necessary to assess 1% to the property benefited. There <br />were some objection but Mr2ollock thought they vould be willing,on <br />motion the matter was referred to the Road Committee. <br />h?r,C.A.Holm wanted to know what action the Coxmcfl had taken 8.bout <br />the proposed road running North fr'orn Interlachen BEYd .%hru CoopeI8'8 <br />drivemag to the Street Car Tracks. 3as informed the right of may. <br />must be given and costs of construction be assess to abutting <br />il4~. J,L.Rutledge spoke of 2 telephone poles keing in dangerous places at the curve of 44kb Street AS the Street comes from under the <br />viaduct in Erookside,rras told the matter vas delayed pending the out come of the Rrooksfde movement,howcver the Clerk was instructed to %mite the Telephone Company asking their removal.,Kr.Iiutledge spoke of holes 'Zn the street caused by the paving trucBs,Trustee S,K, offered to take the matter up with the Paving Company! <br />The matter of the petition to open P:otor Street to original midth <br />and grade vias taken up,after discuss~on,a motion by Trustee C.F, Prescott,seconded by Trustee $,K,Strong that ve have Fotor Street <br />surveyed with permanent sts.kes set,carried <br />0 <br />ProPertY f <br />Trustee Prescott reported for the Committee on interviewing the - School bo8.rd regarding the right of Wag for Street ttlong the Eaet <br />side of portable GchooL site,Kr,Fryberger said he could see no cs <br />objections bllt said he would take it up with the Attorney Genepal just nhat po:vers the School Board would have in the matterland <br />would telephone the Conimitte his findings <br />r$r.Eurr seemed opposed to gzving the right of way on the Fs!i-d side of the street,as the Heirs of the property vJer7e bo widely scattered but they 17em tl?yZng to dispose of the property and thought it <br />nould. be eeasier. to handle the matter after the sale ::-as made, <br />IJurse had made inquiry and said she iyould look out fot. the family. <br />Trustee StronE reported the O'Dette femlly were gone.thc County a <br />Constables Ollnger and Hraml asked to kc? aloved pay for pt.roling <br />the Village one night a week. <br />Tr1.xs-tee C,F,Prescott seconded by Trustee S.K,Etrong be allos $2.00 <br />for Constable with car and $1.00 for the other Constable f9r patrol <br />duty one nfght per week. <br />After looking into the Lyle Culvert, bill It vas found the mount did <br />After discussion,ft 'CIBS moved by . <br />,- <br />agree with the ~rici~s quoted,and tho billLvfJHQ laid OVeP*