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144 \s <br />The meeting of the Village Council <br />Hennepin County,LTnnesota ,was dilly called and held on August 29, <br />I924,at 8: P.h", at the Grange Hall in said Village, <br />On roll call the following were present: <br />President J,T,Delaney <br />Trustees I.1, J .Knudsen <br />of the Village of Edina, <br />z <br />c .F. Prescott s , K L Strong <br />Village Clerk E,T,Edson Absent None e <br />As the Hall. was previously engaged and with the consent of all <br />present, the meeting adjourned by Trustee Knudsen,eeconded by <br />7hwe he meeting vias again called to order Trustee Strong <br />by FresidenPI Delar~~. <br />The Weslden'c announcf?d'Lhst fiMs was the time aet fox- op~n$i-ig <br />of bids Top? the coastru@tlOp OS curbs and gutters in certain streets <br />in Falrviay Section in said V51Iage and also for t'ne opening of bids for the construction of storm severs and sanitary sece~s in ~a.lraag Section of said Vill-ige. An a-ffidavit of publicabion in <br />anC 5n the Hennepin County Enterprise and in Ffnmce Z Gonnerce <br />of the natlce of bjds for sec.ers xere n13. duly gr~sent~~d,examirled, <br />fouild sufffcient and ordered filed with the Clerk. <br />It was Eowd by TmsLee Xnudsen and seconded by Trustee Strong the <br />bids of the ci~.rrb and Gutter b.;. cbnsfdered first,carried. <br />Ahah wee. <br />H@ni1epin COuilf;g XEtei3p$iSe Of nQtXCe: Of bids fop curbs and glltte~s <br />Bitis were then mceiaad an,d examined for the conntructfon a.C curb & <br />gutters fro9 the fallovrinp; parsons : <br />Only one bid, thut of Thoqe Bros .TJAS presented ?I <br />thereof ,on motion duly made by Trustee Strone seconded by Trustee <br />Prescott t'ne f01lCWIng resolutioa %as unanimoilsly adopted : <br />e After disciiseion <br />BE IT RESOLVED bg the Village Councfl of the Village of Edina,Hennepin GCtunty,Xiqinesohl that the bid or" Tnorpe Bras S,S,Thorpe President, <br />of Fifteen Thousand Seven Hundred Porty five and 1To-IOO.Dsllars <br />($15,745;00) for constr-uction of curbs and gutter in those streets <br />in Fafr.::r+y Sectfsn,Gountry Club Districtpin sa-id Vil,lag:e 8s descpiked <br />in a resolutlon adopted by this ,Council on July IBth, 1954,ls the <br />bid of t'ne lsaest 2PSponsible bidder therefor,and the sarm is therefore <br />hereby dilly accepted and the Village officers am hereby ordered and . required to entri? into a tliritterz contract with s~irl bidder and In accordance s.lfth said bId and to cause such forthv:ith to fils a <br />proper bond in cOnnectfon thereaith in the sum of Fifteen Thusand <br />Seven Hundred Forty Five Dollars. (15,745 .OO) <br />BB IT FTJRTIBR RESOLVED, that the VilIlage Engineer is hekt by reqa1ire.d. to prepare a proposed special Bssessnent roll forwith and $resent <br />the seme to the Caixncil at its next mee%lng, all in accorclance r3th <br />Chapter 364 I I;avm. of I917 a <br />' <br />78 <br />mhtch vas returned e <br />Trustee S.K.Stra~g ai?d E.T,Edson Clerk, .,;.ere a.ppol.nted to meet vith <br />Engineer Gra'uer to tabulate bids Aug 30;at 8: ,4,7:, <br />On motion meeting adjourned to meet Sept 2,1424,at Counf,Py Club <br />Disti-ict Offfce b <br />-