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145 I <br />A SpEcial meeting of the Village Council of the Village Edina, Hennepirt Oounty,nCLnnesota,was duly called and held on Sept.2 <br />1924,at 7:3@ o'clock P,N. at the Country Club Office in sa%d <br />On roll call the .rolloTving ITieMbWS were present: - <br />Eresfdent, J,T,Delaney Trustees Ha J,Knudsen <br />vi 11 age Q <br />G,FmF'PeSCOtt S,YeS'trcrng <br />Village Clerk Z,T,Edson,also Attys Dorsey and H,R .FIeIVclfttm <br />Ths Presfdent then announced that fn connection wlth the csnstrwction <br />of sewers,Thorpa Bros .had prepared aatf deli-srzred an hstment <br />g-ra.nthg E+. sufficient easement fop the construction of said sewem <br />BCPOSB privately owned premises ,all as deScribed in tkLBt, C~P~.R~YI <br />ai-dinance crec.ltfng Beiver Dis'crict No I, adopted July 12., I924,aiid <br />:"nieh inst-rument further gave a valid consent by Thorpe the <br />omem of property affected,authorfzing md requesting the s-ssess- <br />menI, pro rat^ against p-roperty dvrned bg 1% ?.nd benefftsd the-reby, for that por*tJari of the cost of cons5ruction'oP such sewers GS should <br />he fri ~xcess of the cos% of construction of sev:ers inexcess of <br />elghteen im:hes (18) in diameter,such assessment to be i,n FtddiLiori <br />$0 all other VIlLa-ge asessment against said p-roperty. <br />exemlned and Soukid such instrument t.0 be siJ,ffielenS; fop batah th~ <br />The rZrcsirlc~ik. anuouneed Lhtst. %he sa&?zft.ary sever on Uaodciale Avr: <br />SP~ Fod j~-rtin?~h Sreet, to Fiftieth Street would be omitted from <br />the pmsent consli*uction and from t'ne proposed contract. <br />The a"0llCt~ifhg bids VJW& '.rJ6ce%'h3di &mid. esirsP&e&d. for the cbnsf.2r-mtlan <br />Soderg:rsn :C Lofquist bid of $13,700 fm storm seGers, Falx1 Tendlandt <br />bfd f;TA,EWI for storm sewer and $14,700 for sanitary sewer. ThorGtoi? Bpos .bid $18.154.00 for storm and. $9,990.00 for sanitary <br />After dlscussl-on Sodergrcn & Lofqulst asked to wkth draw thelr bid <br />which vas allesned and check returned a <br />On motion duly made and seconded, the fQllOWing resolution was unanimously adopted : <br />BE IT RCSOLVED,by the Village Council Qf the Village of Edina,Hennepln <br />Q~~ntg 1linnesota;that the bfd of Paul IVendlandt of 81Ivl.a Mfnn,for <br />-the construction of storm sewers illl those streets in Fairway Section, <br />Country Club District in said Village as described in an ocdinance adopted by this Council July 12,1924,fs the bid of the lowest PeSpQh- sible bIddep therefor,and the same Is therefore hereby duly accepted <br />and the TJil1age officers are hemby ordered and required to-enter in'co a written contract with said bidder in accordance with said bid and <br />dause such bidder forthwith to file a proper bond inrconnection there- <br />with in t.he sum of Sixteen Thousand Efght Hundred Nfnety one Dollars. <br />($16,891.00) Prodded the contract be completed by December ffrst, ' : '--!- <br />with a penalty of twenty five Dollars ($25.00) per working day them- after for each and every day the work is continued beyond that date. <br />~fOi*~~~.lG &?lJ.3fpOses ~ <br />I <br />of saa.itary And s'CSP~ SePJePSe <br />BE IT FURTHECR RESOLVED,that the Village Engineer Is hereby required <br />to prepam a proposed special assessment.rol1 forthivith and precent <br />the same to the Council at its next meeting, <br />Chapter 364 Lars of 1917, <br />Aftep discu&ion,a motion duly made by Trmstee Knudsen,seconded by <br />0 all in accorditflee sith <br />.- <br />. Clerk Edson, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: <br />. BE IT RESOLVED by the Village' Council of the Vfllage of Edina,Hennepin <br />County,Minnesota, that the bid of Thornton Bros .318 Endicott Bldg. <br />Saint Paulet~3.nn. for the construction of sanitary sewers in those streets in FairvJay Section,Country Club Dls&rict,in said Vfllage,as described an ordinance adopted by this Council on July 12,1924,is the <br />.