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147 <br />Presldent J,T,Delaney called the neeting to order at 8: P.M. <br />in the Gsrange Hall. <br />All members ansvered roll call but Trustee S,K,Strong. <br />Yinutes of the last regular and 2 specfal meetings were read, <br />President Delaneg called attention to the fact that the minutes <br />of the regular meeting did not contain a report made by him as Chairman of the Road Committee that he recommended the new road <br />in MendeZssohn to be assessbd 6ack to the abutting pjoperty,but <br />contrary to the recommend Trustee Prescott appolnted himself as <br />a committee 'to order the Street CommissSoner,to gmde and gravel the new road,viith no father corrections the minutes were approved. <br />PresLdent Delaney presented the following letter: <br />0 <br />Edina,Minn,Sept,I5,1924, <br />I hereby tender my resignation <br />To %he Honorable Village Council, <br />as president of the Village to take effect at once. <br />Signed <br />J,T,Delkney, <br />Thurtee Preseott moved the lettep be laid on the table,there being no second the motion was lost. <br />President Delaseg explained his re,asons for resigning and did mot <br />wksk to continue as President sxisting conditions, as his <br />resigfigtion was not accepted he dealared the chair vacant. <br />H, J,Bnudsen was made temporary Ghairman. <br />Vr.J.Lawarence asked for filling and 8 ditch around his property <br />at France and 50thStreeti on mot&on the request was referred to the Road Committee, <br />I I <br />On motion made by Trsustee Prescott seconded by Clerk Edson Trustee <br />A petitton sfgned by I6 residents for widlning and grading "iater- man Street fn Mendelssohn,Clerk Edson moved Trustte Prescott <br />seconded the petition be accepted and placed on file and the matter <br />be Peforred to the Road Committee carried, <br />A delegatian from Grand~ew Heighis was. there complaining of an J- injustice done them %n that they must pay for. theis s%reet and <br />others not, It was explained to'thern that their street was graded <br />full tvidth and fixed for sidewalk, a difference arose over their <br />petition and they were told %he petition mould be there at the next <br />regu3.w me e l;i ng, <br />Eldred Moore was present,asking what the Council would do for their <br />drivevmy.I% mas explained to him the Brookside Movement had compli- cated t122ngs a.nd the Village's right to do any thing at this tlme <br />was questioned. <br />Dr.iir!cNeil ,a,F,WcGuire,~~r,Child~~reHarris and John Jones from the <br />improvement Association were present,their mfsslon was in regard <br />to the future Of Edina and dfscussing the VLillage Corporation, <br />M;r.Child and the Clerk were to ask Attys Stevens 2c Stevens what ncf;.Con had bzen taken in the Brookside matter and the Village'as <br />R corporation was to be rerepred to the league of l.h.miclpalit2ese <br />?Jr ,E ,Void, of Thgdale Bros .ms present amking what the Council <br />had done fn regard to Mr.;Vm,Heydt' crossing a% 48th Stmet and Blnoolrside, 2le ms told MreHeydt had taken it with 'the RaiA-;ray <br />Cor~m~ssfoa a% St.Paul,and we considelned th!rmat%eF taken krom Our hands. sarn 1;~~paedy and 7Jm.fdcl'JellEs are of the opinion the plat of Grand <br />vpe~ flepgh9,s that 1s on lrecord is not the one that S~JELS filed. <br />Tpl.lsi,t=.t$ pL-i)escott 1i1as appointed to go to the Court House aith the <br />matter , 1JiI~~.Aloxays_I~c?~~, of the Shf3ffE.P Englneerlng CO JGkS present and profile <br />e