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$48 \ 'I <br />f <br />Ro Mlls i4;ere paid and upon motion the meeting adjow.yned to mezt <br />Saturday Evenfng Septa20th. at thz Clerk's home to consider FPES. Delaneg's resigantlon and the matter QE appointing a nes FPesidsI-rt, <br />t <br />The meeting cas called to order to order by Trustee H,J,Hnudsen <br />temporary chairman at the home of the Clerk at 8: F,P:, <br />Roll cal1,nll members pmsent but President J ,T ,Delaney. <br />The matter of' President J,T,Delaney's resignation was tRken up and <br />discuseed Tmstee C,F,Prescott offered a resoliitfon ht 8PLer <br />due cons5Eeration it cas thought unnecessary for Its adoptlan. <br />The foll~3:airrg mot.f.On :%is offered by Trustee S,~~,Str~ng,v&~~b~t Tri* <br />n* Bving to the fact that-our? PreSident has tendered Ms regignation <br />and after solieitatlon refuses to reconsider,f move that, hl? resig-- <br />satIolz be accepted and the office declared vacant.'* Trusbee <br />I"rescotk seconded the foregoing motion,upon roll. cal1,TrusLaes <br />UnallfmOUSo <br />-7 imudsen,Rr?scott & Strong,and Clerk Edson voted yes .making it <br />The chair Wing vacant Fred R,3illson's name :7~s proposed as President <br />Lo fill the unexpired term of President Delaney,and upon motion there mere four votes for and none against therefore Fred El,.'iillson <br />vas declaped appointed President of the Viilage Councll,\Fiho vas <br />duly sworn and toolc. the chair, <br />Tne Sever ordinance No I ,6F the Fairi-lay Section,Countrg Club JXst . nothaving been published,on motion the Clerk was instructed Lo <br />On discussion of the special assessments fn the Fafrs~ay Section, <br />which are to run for a pepfod of ten years,it vas found our Special <br />assessmeaG $bok was inadqp$te ,and the Clerk was instructed to <br />purchase the necessary record book,upon motion oT Trustee Strong, <br />seconded by Trustee Prescott, <br />The Bond. of Paul. 'Sendlandt for the construction of storm sewers in <br />Pairvray Section xas presented and examined and upon motion of <br />Trustee Prescott secondeil by Strong was accepted,and his check <br />7-8s returned to him. <br />On motion of Truqtee Knudsen seconded by Trustee Prescott $ne Clerk . mas instmeted to write the florthern Stcites Povw Co*%o clean up the brush made and left by the construction of their high pOTR?P fine,carried <br />publish 15, <br />The Mpls Gen Electric Co, was granted permission to erect three poles on Test 55th Street between York & Xerxes Ave S. and three on Eaird Ave.betrX?en Fuller and 54th Street, <br />The matter of the levy for next year wgs discussed,and upon motion Trustee Pr!escott,seconded by President F,H,7lillson the levy was <br />made $15,000.00 same as for 1924.