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After inspecting the dills Trustee Presco,, moved and Trustee Strong seconded ,the road bills be al&owed,carPied . <br />The Lyle Culverthover from last month was ailowed upon motion <br />Trustee Knudsen,seconded by %rustee Prescotte <br />carried <br />v <br />upon motion of Trustee Prescott seconded by Trustee Knudsen the <br />Olinge~ bfPl was allowed, <br />MQved by Trustee PPescQtt seconded by Trustee Strong all other <br />bill as covered by warmnts were slowed <br />Beads were discussed and a few places mere cited for work to be <br />, done, The checks were drawn for the warrants of the September <br />15,1924 meetfng, <br />Roead bills <br />team 249 *kuts at 904 $ 224e10 <br />224 0 IO <br />94 50 <br />11 253J I14 6 08 <br />143.5Q <br />223 8 20 I* <br />lt <br />Dan l!?cGuire <br />James Berkrnoes <br />Ed Coste13-0 <br />A .I'lebbe~. <br />Dan McNellis <br />Clarence Knudsen <br />248 <br />249 <br />210 <br />It <br />11 <br />IN .OB <br />7,s. Joy St ,Corn 28; dgys and $Teog bolts - <br />Niple Gon Electrie Go. Street lights for Rug 43475 <br />F , J ,Kakesh Tools ordered by Joy 6,655 <br />J *D ,Adt-?RIS 60 a 2 plow shares ~nd one cutter 25.95 <br />Fren Eros, repaires and oil for mower ' 13.10 <br />E .T ,Edson 3 mos clerk salary 120 e 00 <br />John '7 e 31iarf e r surveying Motor St ,pnerldeIssohn rd 50,OO . patrol duty and cons,supplies 6s55 J ,F ,011 nger Lyle C:ulvert ?e Rd EquipmenP, Co <br />$ 516.;1.3 <br />labor 2532 LE it 45 4 ft <br />$ IT37,5G <br />Other bills- <br />260,64 Culverts <br />Total for month $ 1653.90 <br />On motion meeting adjourned I Rec wder <br />(111 members present but Trustee Pi, J.Ifnudsen and T'reas .Dixggm. <br />The meet2rig vm.s ca.lled to accept the bqnd of Thornton <br />s ~m:i t. wyy s ewem f n FR I rvm y Se c t i on , Count r 3' C lub .Di s t r i c t . <br />2nd to discuss t.he Brookside problem, <br />The bo& of Thornton. Eros e 318 <br />&~erican 31x~et.y Go 4 was presented and examined and upon niotion <br />'nas accepted and the Clerk instructed to return their certified { <br />EndPcott Bldg, St a Paul, by the <br />check.