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Neeting called to order by President F,E,%’lllson at the Grange <br />Hall at 8: P.X”, <br />All members answered roll call. <br />Trustee C.F,Prescott reportec? he P;as unable to confer v3th Thorpe regard to the assessment against the Bird Property, <br />honeyer Ppesident f!fillson said he had talked with UraBurr of the <br />Baird Estate ah0 said he had no objection to a reT%$yable assessment, <br />Trustee frescott slso said he had no opertunity tohub the records& <br />the Grand View Heights plat ,as requested by SXT ,KcCready and 7im. <br />Mcn’ellis <br />c <br />Trustee H.J,$nudsen reported the work at the Docken store was com- pleted and Er.A,Docken expressed his appreciation thcrefor. <br />There mas some discussion about a culvert at France Avenue and 50th <br />Street,whlch v:as found by the crex layfng water mains along 50th $t, <br />It vas found filled up,and left SO, <br />Mr.E,Pearsont8as present nit& a whole flock of comp~aints,threatening <br />to have the bookg audited andijscoreing the Bouncil generally, Said <br />he Teas dlscrirninated against in that he had been promised gravel and a road,and never got either,also of being taxed $75.00 on &.)cow and others-being untaxed or very lightly taxed.He mas Informed the Council <br />had nothing to do Kith the taxes,and he should take his tax complaints <br />to the !Pax Commission in Saint Pau1,Also that last year Divisslon <br />Street r:as extended to tis East line and it was understood he Vjou3.d e care of the rest on his property, Also that the Road CreTi v:as <br />\ <br />i <br />giving value received,and if he was Street Commfssionar he would rantee the Village would get IO0 cents on the dollar. <br />A delegation froin Grand View HEt&hLs Consisting of l$r ,Rav;klnson,I:r Smutny,Vr J,J.b!cNellis and others with their Attorney R,H,Chinock <br />asking how it was possible to build a road in on Summit Avenue and <br />assess the costs to abbuting property,and build 8 road In another <br />place am? rs,~t .Tssess the costs, It was explained that it cas custom- ary to lemj assessments for a road built full width and fixed for <br />sidevralk in platted property by petition, <br />cs.rt v;ay just made passible in un platted or acre tracts,is made <br />xith out assessment. Attorney vias of the opinion that It was a <br />matter for the Courts to settle,but after he had examined the peti- tion he seemed to have changed his opfnion. <br />Xr.Har.-kinson after examining the petition satd he had nevw seen it <br />be fore desplte th’? fact his signature was on it. Apologizing,aith <br />the remark that he..nsr~ thought the Council had aorked in good faith- <br />but thought the petition had Been changed before it reached the. <br />Comcil. ; r.Eak-~Y:old,of‘ TinLdnle Bros.said the grade :?‘as not Gide enough acpop,c lot 20 for road and sideaalk,and the Street Conmissioner sa5d <br />it vas nade full :,idthe <br />A petition S:‘SE presented by 3.T.Jones of Browndale Park,signed by <br />S%X other property o~mers,v1z- C.T.Jones 2.1 .Larson,X‘.A,Bonee ,GePi, <br />Borden,l,?ilton J,Sacon,L,D .Rernett and Abhie A,hrson. for jr sidexalk <br />in fropt of Lots 9-10-11 Elock 9,and infront of Lots 11 :i I2 and <br />along the South side of Lot 11,on ?’J 44th Street,all -In J3ro:;ndal.e ?ark,Edfna, ( Hazel Avenue 1 <br />assessed to akbu$ttri; prn?erty,and inordep to hsve the slder:skk put <br />in tpds fall they %%%ed a ~:avel? of notice and pnbllc8bian. It9 T;as <br />moved by Trrletee H,J,~r,udfidn,seconded by Trustee S.I< .Strong the <br />fo3 lor ;,- . resolution nap adopted . ’:R’EFEAS 611. of t.he o:;lners of Lots 9-10 & I1,Flock 9 and Lots I1 <br />md I2,Elock IO,kTnzel Avenue and South slde of Lot I1 an 44th. Stree-b <br />A31 -in Frszndale FsrP,Edin8,kenneD€n County,Cinn. ,have Fetit ioned for side:.alk on BIXWG rimed Streets and reqveet,ed thz bdoptiori of <br />therefore be it Resolve6 by the Village Council of the Vlllags of <br />Z:dlr,a,that SiiCie*.’:nlk be and the same is hemby ordemd io ke constructed <br />on above f1a1 t=d r+-~f*: nccordlng to OrCfrrsnce g3ve.’nZrrE s3deralk c om t ~1-1.c ti or, <br />But a narrov road or <br />, <br />e <br />It cas understood the c0sf.c Xn.zl6 be <br />e <br />the nece~s8t~;r i%~ol~!tion to GTV~ effect th.ereto,acc?opdiaL to lev, i <br />m -