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290 i <br />1924. <br />A meeting of the Village Councll of the Village of Edina,Hennepin <br />Z6untyYE~innesotn ms duly held October 23rdYI924,at 7 :30 o'clock P.78. <br />at t'ne Grange Hail in said Village. On roll call the following members mere present: - e President FA .Tiillson <br />Trustee CoF..PPeSCOtt <br />Trustee S .K ,Strong <br />Village Clerk- E,T,Edson <br />Absent: Trustee E.. J,Knudsen, <br />The President on special assessment for sanitary sewers,also for cwb and gutters, <br />and also for stom sewers a11 in Fairriag Section of said Villagespur- <br />suant to resolutions adopted October 6th, 1924, <br />The Clerk presented due affidavits of publication of not.€ce of hearing on each of the three projects for said specfa1 assessmen% <br />duly published in the Kennepin County Entelrprise on October 9th 1984. <br />The Clerk further announced that no mitten objections to <br />any a$ said projec'ts had been filed with him by an$ person whomsoever. <br />The President tinen called for objections to the special <br />assessment on %he * Sanftary sewers, No one spoke in reference thereto or made any objection thereto, <br />announced that this vias the time set for hearing <br />P <br />The Presldent then called for objectfons to the special <br />assessment on the storm sewers*No one spoke in refererice thereto <br />or made any objection thereto. <br />The Presidene then called for objectfons to the special <br />assessment on the curb and gutter, NO one spoke in reference thereeo <br />or made any objectTons thereto. <br />On inotioln by Trustee C,F,Pr~scott seconded by Trustee SACe Strong, the follo IJirig resolution nas ixnandmously adopted :