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L'oved by Trustee H.J,Knudsen secondEd by Clerk E.T,Ecleon a bill of <br />t"' "'253*70 to Fred Johnson for 236 yards of siderialk at $1.07; pel- yd. <br />on 44th Street and Hazel Avenue. as per resolution,xas alboved, <br />After considering the road and other bills it vas nroved by Trustee <br />H,J,Rnudsen seconded by Clerk E,T.Edaon,all bills BE covered by vmrant s te a1 loived, carried , <br />Road bills-- <br />Ed Costello <br />James Eerkmoes ?alter Hoag ir <br />Dan L"cGufre teain I98 hrs et 904 $178.20 <br />1513 15~~35 <br />Andrea Ye bber labor 1% 456 89.10 <br />I89 I70 IO <br />27 24.30 <br />I98 89. I@ <br />I9 8 88. IO <br />I# <br />It <br />It <br />11 <br />Clarznce Rnudsen D5.n !klTellis St .Corn 22 dags $5.00