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lilT;ETIrJi called to ordev by President FX.TZ11son in the Grange <br />H1111 At. 2:30 P,M . <br />A11 members present but Trustee H, J,Knudsen. <br />re, ,kt~nu'ces I of the last meeting read and approved. <br />The usual order of business vas suspended to take care <br />IV~r.Fau1 'fjendlanrli- vd15;h Wp,Sherman-off the Federal Surety <br />%h.OGt? 1-P VXtTtfnE:. 0 <br />Gampnny were present, iVr,Shernan said Mr,Sulllvan of the What- r,heep Tile Co. tyms unwilling to with dPam his bill pmsented to <br />t.h.jn~ vgrong with It- Mr.lVendlandt wanted thslmoney on the Nov- <br />t~nibr~p EF,O,.imate of 'k14424.26 but as several bills for material. and <br />R @wpnjr-I~~e.nt~ of a,?IOe98 had been filed,v?e hesltsted in pay4ng it, <br />the Vil'J_nge,as fC wou-ld appear as though ' there mas SOme