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L 1 <br />t <br />The meeting was called to order by President F.K.@illsan fn the <br />grange &all at E:30 P.B. <br />All members present but Trustee H .J .Knudsen. <br />Minu4;es of the last regular,and of Special meeting@ ,Bee--I3th % <br />20th sere read and approved. On motion the regular order of business Bas dispensed with to <br />hear those i.n malting. <br />Yr.J,&,tgannens asked permission to build three houses on his lots <br />at 50th Street Rnd Indiana Ave,in St,epkren's Addition,Ediusa, After discussing the matter at some length,Triistee S,K,Strong moved and Trustee C,F ,Prescott secmded the request be granted, <br />carried <br />making lhem at least 45 feet frontage to each housetto face on 50th. <br />Mr.C.H.Yaee asked that the road be extended to his propwty in <br />Mendelssohn find on motion of Trustee S,K,Strong,secanded by TPustee? <br />C,F.Prescott it was referred to the Eoad Committee. <br />Mrs K.C,Eyan asked for 8 little work on 46th Street ab France $ve. <br />to enable her to drive onto her lots facing on France Ave.&-ith <br />building rnateria1,it %.AS referred ts the Road Con;mfttce. <br />k?r.KlZne,Atty. for the Federal surety Company (and Vr.Paul Wendlandt aI.1.h the Decen.Eer es t,irm te on Storm Setders, or *.17255.27 the estimate <br />*as sllowed to tilt; Fedem1 Surety Co. On n.otlor- of Trustee Z?F.Preec3ti <br />seconded by Trust.:c X.K,Strorg. <br />'iqie mri tter* of work fai- 2vr.,jolill r;oVqt,i,Y vies disc;&&& and <br />Trimtee C.F.Prescott WE YskECi to see Kr.74.4nderson of the *brasher <br />wor-kc at hopkinc,lf 11, *QP poe~Tlilr t.o seci~r+ alork for Ed.r,Xovotnjr <br />the ri e . <br />Coiint,y Eneineer WRS present. end saild Lite VI11qp could secure the <br />Countglenob plow at R cost of HLout $35.3a per day 'to ruB'%t,they <br />could open the roads Itrith 111 9 day or tvvo aftcia R storm and also <br />suggested we Rsk the Co:ini.y In uraftirlg for 2323 feet of ~$DW fence, <br />provldlng he spaced the houses as far apart as poseibfe, <br />1, <br />. <br />e <br />9 -... <br />Trustee Strong and Clerk Edson were appoir,ted a commftte <br />Attorney H,R.Hea€tt as to the V 11age powers concerning <br />Prfr?ee nnr' A'r.John Moor.e'pkvY4d the Street Clrr Tracks a% Brmkside. <br />11;~. A'I-~~E Gen.ZIrctrfc Go '1'3s &;ranteqi il, r :scfurl to erect 0 <br />Trookv: t. A Ave. ,bet,*+:+. r 5qJr4 grid 54th StrL;et: . - %*qr u- r-kya C ,'.'i .Smff'er slnbiriit,cld H proposal of terms for m&hg a <br />survey of' platted districts -1s prev3o1isly telked of,alau Engineer <br />J,E,Cardarella X~RS present and asker1 for InfgrrrRtion and a privilege <br />to blci 011 tte prqposed ~~irvey, thFtt, ani oLtler matters %as faid mer- <br />for A FpeciRl met:ng * <br />A flre bill v~qs prc;;cr, for :XC.for* thi garage fipe at 50th Street <br />nnd France Ave.On motion of Trristee Stroi.8 secarided by Tfrtlstee C.F. <br />Prercatt the Clerk BHS iristructed to return the bill to the Fire Gept <br />Hrld call thel_r attention t.3 a fiotfce of discontinqeing ffm service <br />or, ttlt. Village account served on then: scmething ovm a year ago. <br />A letter CRS read frow tht ivinnesoia League of Nunicipsll$fes asking <br />for stverel dafegates to 8 lek€slfitlve nLc.tir?g to be he1 <br />P~ul Gec.zttld. 1% Was f3ii-d that three or foiir moufd.go. <br />4 <br />c <br />4 <br />Afttr discuss5r~~ (:I ty glatiiJn2 ZOI~~II~ enabling ~D&S' as <br />spont.ored by the it~~iit: of Klnn.i~uri:cipall tics ,the foP16a2ng res- <br />0luL.l Or; nas adopted. <br />Be It Resolved by the governing body ;I? the ~~unicipality pf the <br />Vi21agF: of EdIna thRt the Goverrior and the Legislature of the State of Aiiiiriesota,Ge and are hereby invitee: to hive fsvsaskle consideratSon <br />to the following bills: <br />.. . .. .