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Arthur Jensen team 6 hrs at 704 4.20 <br />Harry Jenseaz 6 35# 2.10 <br />Mpls General Hospital bill for Mrs Forichette 4c Son - 97.58 <br />Total for month $ I9i~8.@? <br />AuditSng Committee is to meet when the Clerk and Treasurer call <br />the'mecting,to audlt the books for the year, <br />No further business meeting adjoumed. <br />Meeting called to order by President F,K.VilEson. <br />All members present but Tmstee K,J,Knudsen. <br />Meeting calle& for.the pwpose ok auditing the books of the <br />Roeorder and Treasurer . <br />After reviewing the years work and going oves? the books care- <br />fully and it was found the books were cos?rec& and a balance of $3352.13 in the -treasury. <br />,It was moved by Truetee C .F.%rescott,seconded by Trustee S.K. <br />Strong the report OS the Recorder and Treasurer and the statement of the Fairway Section be accepted and ordered published,carried. <br />NO further business the meeting adjourned. Cl-' --;p .q 1 <br />Recorder. , <br />I- <br />.