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182 � <br />1..'I" ,'nTF3 CE 1147 ;n0CE".DI'- 1'4G" C; <br />CO MOIL OF THE VILLAGE OT .EDIT -VrA AT P, <br />THERSOF HE-10 OI: T —Le 14t,, D;V-r <br />I O 2 5 <br />, "77] 771 I ,T. AGE,,T <br />.G. T1 y - Ts 1. mi i 'G <br />h�GL� =sz .._.:�� Ls <br />OF „IARGH <br />call +,,d order o by the lt•�.rk- afxitll 1 t abs, `f r,i �' et- <br />" C 'i he a'lJ _ i _ o _' Fr <br />?dent. -`.K illsor!,Trustee C.F.Fresco -U, �,as �,.pnolnt,edi tco .1-1,11 the <br />Oho. r :r'oL;1m . <br />All pr-lsentr but FrEs.7.7111 on and Truett--e <br />n,��, ,, of . he, last regular meet1;f� read and as r Fjd <br />Trustee `%K.3,'Gr -ong reported th at 1,1r. "oore -acc +apt <br />his dr!Vev,-a -(� by uttif'� in a pear that. x%ou"d make it abo,xt 7 ft-,-'U <br />the Cj:tr Go .c ee►reej' .,� i 1 1. i roc, to do It If than Co ?roll- l 7 }o{u. ld <br />�'nx- no more cyloa.- it � r:ll3;sC�i f,�It'j•F" ttil'+3 �7.� lL CI�.1= 3.` iL <br />'op only a f errt!( riien ory,.'L'17ii: nt o -nj t(i7�, � f� ii ri j'�� j <br />b '�'% 1 ti l -" r <br />C, 01A) t", -110, The folloti:ine- reso3_ „utoi, present.edl by Trustee' cj.ii.Stroi-t <br />.roil s ��cortded by Clerk F.T.Edson v1 adopi.ede <br />'its a.r.i,'oore s cro- silt i t3 +!-anzeroux *irti {al_ �.fl� tJ't1C�- <br />ers �the, Sure -+t Car Co1ppallir i 4 Uti.'`1l11 Iii to t'�idi.ii i,i :� ,.- .�•�;- � ��q <br />%-.10-i o %1b the �assupaacte of Ual s ls+ourj.,�e l l ro , f o-- i q- <br />�trit -i' crossing b� tTeen tlh-re and L��a ,x��,,li � ';O”` THERE FORE z�z i c <br />P0;7- o1vt, -. T 'be <br />- 1. <br />a <br />!ncslt fn,O P.- noLher cpa—sslnv betLeon <br />% �7t�' 1_k t� i,n 'i,Iits Car Co. The 1-,o-v-a rt -t, -s �1,t t1'or' j_ q t�,-r <br />�I " ;A i Irlc. re councils � _ <br />71,v .. . �s :�� :3?°i' *Pi 1' /:@ y,'weserit .ro L i(-) ALlt�,r "4 "::1 of ,i�'� .�f+�sl�C'`�= <br />1 (-C f . +1 t � i� t_ 1 t o ask - f7 o e lt", c l.• ti 7_ v `-* ' ,1� 1_ } ) .�-➢ YI ,`i ' , ;..) l �) � ±ems 3=' #' �_-+ _. � t,l <br />chts could' be, i ns ta- ,tlled .'r_ r t1no F � 11 I t e'. g s -, <br />i.--! I -.1 :'1. tir Y� for IY.h i+ tit 501--.1r, .••o •� l �: ,F..a 1 �1 r!' ss./'A +� s� .Z 1'17''1,, <br />CiL7d l . i z ,'. Pe 1 <br />lrstructi�d to take the rn . Y .. t) tae 7,lectric Peon anl., <br />~1 .i f the;; would Ct rrfj sb the lient oratIss � foiti ;iio V.1 1t =aZe¢ <br />Dr•.Eaciiell also ask that a culvert be PlReed dIRSonally a.c :ro:s the - <br />P'Dsirl 1'ecoi TOF. dryV ,r`.?�y�it wFI-S referre!c `l+o the n��` -d ComrnitL.,'--,e. <br />The C"s � „r'� r "as instructed to burchase trio ner1 F'i no <br />c � sr�(1 '-�? o <br />. - <br />f nsrc.rue'u,ed to place all unrecorded del --r1 and _ -easy ni;a nt.s on r; r ,-ordL0 <br />irf7� t.� e r-%T .3trong and Clerk. E.T.Edsoii ti fvs, r:iade a c <afr.iti t ee t n <br />t'ne Teder.91 Surety Bonding Co. In rerarj to the Attorney's of the r7endlandt account w1th tht, V1ll -4w�,. <br />As bT11 for the cRre of the Forichette children of r,2 . 3 helaz <br />Over for investigation,Trustte S.K. tronv and. Clerk. E.T.Edzon to <br />It, <br />Afi,r_ --t' ins ection of the road grid otbpr 1,1 111,- i'.,'a.s i ovt,c.1 by Trul ,,tee <br />S.II.Stront, and seconded by Clerk E .T.Ed ,ori all ', Ills as c: gyred by <br />a 012 a <br />Roy' 6 bill <br />Thar . "c�Guiz�e tEam hrs rat 7t�+� aY�d Llert'clon f2 i7r_ iA�• <br />25� and 3 hrs at 30 <br />TO.20 <br />Z .TT,�rss.en t� $�, " <br />r.+. s? <br />I <br />Try <br />f .T, .,T0Y ,*#, .Cori . T' days 44.50 <br />� <br />.:.75 <br />Other T-1,11-11s _- <br />Hopl�f cs Co •. op ;tEwe ";r0cri)ries for TTotYat,i1J ,f:irnily <br />^k'-).33 <br />publish? n; monthly reports <br />a . CO <br />Hennepin County Enterprise puU.anrtual r :port Z-0 500 ballot. <br />-7.55 <br />Afpls General Eletctrlo Co. vvtraet lights for Feb I925, <br />40.6:3 <br />F . J.Koke h tape line ordered by Joy <br />.70 <br />John Lil ja rblacksmith �:ork for road craw <br />5.00 <br />r.C,.Hanse.n 12 h S255", of Villaie election <br />F. ^C <br />.9 <br />G .T,* . Sac hs ” 0 " <br />3.90 <br />Cl i genet Knudsen " Clerk "' <br />3.00 <br />ASV .Olinger 1R SR <br />3.90 <br />J.F.{flinger 12 h at 25� Constable of " <br />3.00 <br />F.K.T7 11son day viewing roads with car <br />2.00 <br />Total for monthn;I74.7 <br />At the VillaSe Election of T; "arch Toth I925, tree followine- officers <br />were elected. <br />President ^.K .Strong Justice of Pease John T.Jones <br />Recorder E.T.Edson Constables J.F.Olinger,for <br />I year <br />Treasurer J.JsDu qn Frank Kraml <br />2 it <br />Treutee Geo A. oillson., -- ,-- <br />z- <br />No further business meetirrC adjourned. Recordar <br />