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President S,K,Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />Knuds en, C ,F1?rescott, Geo A,Villson, Clerk E .T .EdS on, Treasurt=r <br />J,J.Duggan. <br />Trustee C .F,Prescott reported he found that the Nowtny family had. lived In Edina more than a. year,and had notified the Clerk to stop the account at the Hopklns Co-op Store as 1lr.Novatny <br />had seewed a ;job and was working.. Rhich the Clerk had done the <br />day the notice vas received. <br />Hall at 2:OO P.M, <br />' Roll call ma3 answered by President S..K,Strong,Trust& H.J. <br />President Strong reported the Crandall famfly were quarantined and IWeCrandall was recovering from an operatfon and the family <br />V~EIB in desperate need of help.Vr,Crandall had work as soon as <br />he wa.s able to get, out,and help was granted. <br />Trustee C mF,PreSCOtt said he. had had no opertunity to interview the Electric Llght People in regard to the light-<-on 50th And . <br />Booddale,and he expected to be away,and the matter was taken . ovep by mothti- committee, <br />I The bxds of the Clerk Es!2sEdsmg&ssessor L,E,St~ong,and Consta- <br />bles mere presented and on motion of Trustee C,F.Brescott,seconded <br />by Trustee G.A.BJillson were accepted and placed on file, <br />The entl-re Council was made the Road Committee on motion of <br />Trustee H,J,Knudsen seconded by Trustee C,F,Prescott. <br />Dr.Jarnes Blake was appointed Healt'n and Village Physican,md J,J, Driseo'L1 on the local board of health for one year,Clerk holds ovez={ <br />HennepTn County Enterprise was made the official paper for the year, <br />un motion duly made and seconded. <br />It ms wwd by Trustee G,F.WescotL and seconded by Trustee T-X,J.Knudmh the Village funds be transfered to the NRm-iet State <br />bknk,Pnd they be required to put up swety bond of #5000.00,carridd. <br />Attorney H.R,Hemitt was appointed Village Attorney for the en- <br />sueing year% <br />There vers 4 applicants for Street Commissioner,R.S,Joy,ArLhur <br />PeteraGen,Frenk Roberts ,and Qlal'ter Hoag. on the fourth ballot <br />V,S,Joy mxeived 3 votes and was declared elected Street Com- <br />missioner fop the ensusfng year. <br />The Street Commissioner and road Crew's wages were made same as <br />last gear, .,p5.00 per day for Street Corn.SO$ an houir. for man and <br />team and 45# per hour for menFon motion of Trustee C,F.frescotL <br />seconded by Trustee H.J.Knudsen, The Clerk mas Znstructed to <br />give the Street, Commissioner a type written lette-r Instructing <br />him to show tho amount of time spent on each job aXso the amount <br />gravel hauled frorc each pit and turn in each month nith the time <br />The Glepk's salary was made $SO,OO per month-for the currant rear., <br />on motion of Trustee CIF,Prescott,seconded by %?ustee H,J,Hnudsen. <br />John :rl,Shaffer & Co. appointed Village Surveyor for the year. <br />A <br />bOOk,caPPfed <br />Mr J *E ,Odendahl. 46.49 Beard Ave . S .of the Elk River Cement Pipe CO <br />and explafned about cement t91e arid prices ,a.fter considerhg the <br />the Collncll favorable but would not oi*der untill after going over* the roeds PJI <br />Vr, Loyd Pett.ersan presented a petiteon stgned by EvelpAFet%erson <br />~,~,Dri~coll,Mrs <br />Editkt L,Andersoa,for a sIdeovalk2n {he West side of Xerxes Avenue <br />South,fron! 54th to 55th Street,in Edina, <br />E,T,Edson and seoonded by Trustee H.J,Fnudsen the petition be <br />accepted and granted and assess the costs to abutting property <br />and noiioe ordered publish.ed,carried. <br />I .L.nqcKenzle,Alj-?,nU 8 .McRenzle,Odin ntoe,and <br />It was moved by Clerk <br />l?r,Ylllarr, SF. mas present asking. about. the street ;8ight and nr88 '>:I