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Alt'itmnasn Buck Of the City Coixncil vas prasent in the lntemsk of <br />op@nIng and grading 54th Stree't fiaorti Fr*r;ince Avenue to Xerxes Avenue PP talk of last yeur,sta%ing the lm- kad been changed <br />r,-hemby the County could lawfully cooperate rri th the Village <br />and Lhe Cfly Qf KhneapoliB in the matter,the folloning resolu- tion 88s 8.dopted on motion of Trustee C,F,Prescot seconded by <br />Clerk E,T,Zdson. <br />Resolved, That the Prssfdent of the Council be instructed to appoint a commfttee OS three $0 coop(r6ate rdth the City Cotmcil <br />in the matter of opening and grading 5&h Street from France kve. <br />to Xerires Ave.The com.ittee to have full power to act In the mtte/i. <br />S.K ,Str~ne,E,T .Edson fk C .F .Prescott r;ere rimed as the connitLee ; <br />Om. petftion of John T.Jones aid other resident of Raze1 hv=- L nue <br />In the. Village of Edina,respectfully ptition yoix= Honorable <br />Body to change thc name ~3f Faze1 Avenue to Cool-idge Avenue- <br />TEEREFORE REIT €SSOLVED,Thst' the name Hazel Avenue be changed <br />to Goolfdge Avenue,bg motLon duly made and seconded <br />The final .clrork on the plumbing ordinance,Yihich had been posponad for som tine,hav€ng bccr, done,, the Committee Pres .StTong,Trust3e <br />'P~?ssccvLt 9 Clerk. Edson,afi motiqn wae 'instruct4 to have the or3in- <br />ance published and have IO00 booklets and 500 p%mit blanks rn33e. <br />The bmklets qnd permft blanke to b3 printed later,ahen the ad- vertLsing P:BS secured. <. <br />fleeting on motior. adjourned