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198 <br />MINUTES OF THE PRODEEDIPIGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A SPECIAL MEETING <br />THEREOF HEID ON THE 19th DAY OF JfJNE <br />\. . <br />I9 2 5 ..,. .. :C',-"..L..,-**<.. .,.. .. I. .. ,, L. .rn ,.~.".> .. ,--. ., c:--u- "*., .;.,-;;i;,.:I:15f"--,-----.- . ;: ;: :; ;: ;; * ,, ., .*. :: ~~;;..;~.;~~>~~.~~.~.~~~~ ;$;;.?pi;;-:- <br />President S.K,Strong called the meeting to order at 8: P.M. in the Grange Hall. All members present,also ?fir Shaffer. <br />The meeting was called for the purpose of confering with the <br />Village Engineer J.Yi.Shaffer regarding the Topographical sorvey <br />of certain parts of the Village. <br />Engineer Shaffer offerred to make a complete t%U. Map of, the Village,a complete atlas: in half section sheek form at a sca1.e of 200 feet to the inch,and a Tapographlc~? rt? Jumeg of Sections <br />38 & 20,Trrp 28,Range 24.9 €he'East'-belf of Ng3 & af section 19, <br />Tv;p 28 Range 24,& Section 28,Twp II7,Range 21, <br />Also an atlas-*showing the grades in the above. described sections. <br />Cost of the above work to be $2500..00 it ribs moved by Trustee C,F,P?rescott,seconded by Trustee G,A, <br />Aillson tae offer of Mr Shaffer be acceptetl and he be required <br />ta furnish the Village a bond,carried. <br />Fsli? Shaffer was instructed to proceed with the xork <br />After some consideration <br />.- <br />No further business meeting adjourned. &-Lj f&fip~ <br />Recorder. <br />President S,X,Strong called the meeting to order at 7:30 PA$, <br />in the $range Hall. <br />All members answered roll call but Trustee H,J,Knudsen. <br />The minutes of the last regular and special meetings mere read <br />and approved as read. <br />Pres.S.K,Strong reported for the road cornmittee,they were out July 9,one half dag. i\ho had asked for some xork there and was granted by his giving <br />some dirt for filling,also some tvork in Eormandale and the <br />Olinger road <br />All petitions for new roads were laid over till later. Trustee <br />Prescott spoke of some .vork needed near 3rd Avenue,which xas <br />granted . <br />A notice of ffeorge Pavelka for damages done to his car whlle <br />driving on the Poor Farm Road,caused by a culvert improperly installed by the the County,tvas read,after some discussion it vas moved by Trustee C .F,Prescott,seconded by Trustee G.A. 'iillson <br />They talked with A.Z,Miller on 62nd Street <br />the Blerk refer the matter to Attorney XaR,ZewitL for advice ,carried. , <br />Justice of Peace J .T, Jone's bond tjas presented and on motion of <br />Trustee C .F.Prescott,seconded by G,A,Jills,on it was accepted <br />and ordered placed on file. <br />The 2fpls General Electric Co nas granted permission to set one <br />pole on Indiana Ave and 50th Street on motion of Thrutee EveScott seconded by Trustee Zillson. <br />President S .K .Strong thought it was time a Tlumbing Inspector <br />~8s appointed ,as the Plumbing 3rdinance h&j Seen published, <br />thepefore On motlon of Trustl;e Prescott seconded by Trustee :dillson 3aK *Strong was appointed Inspector for the bala.nce of the year.