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\ 191 <br />After considering the Hospital bills for Archie Richardson <br />and the Forichett Boy it was thought best to refer them to the Village Attorney as to payment. <br />Engineer J,,i,Shaffer's bill of $500.00 advcznce on the Topo- <br />graph-lcal survey,,s':as presented and on motion of Trustee Frescott seconded. by Trustee lillson the bill was laid over until1 Mr.Shaffer filed his bond fkth-.the Village and be -8 requested to make a statement as to the amount of work all <br />ready done on the survey. <br />The Fair donation was bruoght up and laid over for lack of funds at this time. <br />7 fire work license fees $70, 5 dance permits #IO.was turned <br />over to the Treasurer. <br />After considering the road bills they were allowed on motion of Trustee Billson seconded by Clerk Edson. <br />The miscellaneous bills including the committee work was <br />alloJved on motion of Trustee Prescott,seconded by Trustee <br />Ki 11s on <br />Road bi 1 IS - - team 1961hrs at 906 $176.40 <br />1932 174.15 <br />(I I87 I68 .30 <br />A, 3% bber labor 198 at 454 89.10 <br />89 IO <br />I98 89 IO <br />n Frank Roberts <br />E .Hans en <br />Cli f f Yhi ting <br />John Bore I;,S.Joy St Com 22 at $5.0'3 110.09 <br />Nple Gen Electric Street 1.1gW. 0 Jl~w 40.8s <br />Dr James Blake medical servicesI0/24tO6/25, 173 .OO <br />' Clarence Hnudsen I98 <br />I1 <br />?in Xasec 86; gds gravel 2.56 21.50, 917 a65 <br />P,J,CaroPine druggist Fumigators 4.50 <br />John L€lja blacksmith work Village crew 12.53 Hopkins Co-~p Store groceries .??ovotny, IO eo5 <br />Bren &os supplies for mower,ordered Joy 4.65 <br />G,A'!dllson, committee wwk &Spc meet . 6.00 <br />19.00 <br />2 "03 <br />4 a00 <br />(1 11 <br />1) <br />II I1 <br />It <br />S .I5 .Strong H J .Kntxdsen <br />C .F,Prescott <br />E ,T .Eds (3n "reg deeds 27.45 _. 303.98 <br />Total for month $1221.63 EJ 53LJ- <br />No further business meeting Adj. Recorder