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MINUTEi OF T'HR EOCEEDINGS 3F THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGZ OF EDINA AT A SPECIAL PJLETIBG THBEOF HELD ON THE 25th DAY OF JULY <br />I92 5 :=..< .... <,~~U.-CZ~+...v. *- Y .. ," ., ., ., .a *, .. " ., .. .." .* *, .. 'C ., 1, ., .I .I" ,. *, v 1, *, v " ..a# .,- ii:::,. ,:-,,--A- rS :+ .:is i,-;c;.-*** I. ,, . ., n I, n ,. ., ;: ,,----;< ",--,.-;i-;,--,Sx-,5 52 -,rm-;r i: 55 . <br />Special Session aas the home of the President Tho <br />called the meeting to order at 8: P,M.,for the pirrp3se of' <br />completeing several unfinished matters . <br />All members answered roll call. <br />4 <br />Yr. Johnson aas present with a chart of the proposed im- <br />provement of Highway ~JQ 5 and petition of Joseph Chapman and <br />34 others addressed to the County Board of Commissioners,on motion of T'rimtee Prescott seconded by hqstee H.J,Knudsen <br />the following resolirtion vas adopted. <br />€'E IT the Village Council of the Village of Edina. <br />that the petition of Joseph and 34 others dated July 24th,1925., addressed to the County Board of Commissioners ,Hennepin Count,y, for the establishment of a highvag running into the Township of Eden Prairie and the unplatted portion of the Village of Edlrra, and a copy of which petition is hereunto attached be and the <br />same is,in all respects approved. <br />The Recorder made an affidavit and fixed his signature and the <br />Village 'Seal there to. <br />1:r.John B.Shaffer's bond mas presented and esmfned and on motion <br />of Trustee C,F,Prescott seconded by 'kusLSelVfXlson It vas ac- cepted and placed on file, Mr. Alexander,of the Village surveyor <br />office said the field work mas about half done,and showed some <br />of the v,ork of the atlas. <br />Vr.Shaffer bill of $500.03 was presented and on motion of Trustee <br />Prescott seconded by L~ustee ?illson the bill was alloved. <br />On motion the bill of $5.00 premium on Justice of Peace bond <br />vas allovred,it having been overlooked at the last meeting. <br />I I <br />l <br />The bill of the Hennepin County Enterprise ?of 49.40 for pub- lishing the plumbing ordinance vias,on motion ,allowed. <br />The bill of L.E.Strong for assessing the Village in 1925,of <br />385.00 was on motion of Trustee Prescott aeconded by Trustee <br />H .J .Knudsen allowed . <br />Attorney H.F;'s bill of 35.00 for legal advice in Fair <br />nay Section and Thorpe Bros' bill of $1352.73 for engineering services for improvements in Fairway Section.on motion by Trustee Prescott seconded by Trustee Pinudsen were allowed <br />Henn County Enterprise $ 49.40 funds <br />Jdnn ir .Shaffer 500.130 Thorpa Bros 'i $1352.73 <br />5 .oo <br />Bills paid-- Paid out of Fairway assessment <br />E. 0 .Dies on 5.00 <br />L,E .Strong 385.00 H ,R ,Hew€tt - <br />Total 4 939.40 fAI357.73 ir I <br />No further business meeting adjourned. - ,A 4 cc" ~ l,/: &Jh- I. <br />&e corder .