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193 <br />President S,K,Sirong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />Hall at ?:30 P.M+ <br />All members present but Trustee H,J.Hnudsen. <br />The minutes of the last regular and special meeting were read and approved as read. <br />The Committee on reffering bills to the Village Attorney for his <br />advice reported the Attorney advised us not to pay the hospital <br />bills of Archie Richardson and the Forichette Boy as the Village <br />was in no way liable, also the damage claim of George Pavelka of 76.60 against the Villages of Edina and Hopkins,damage was <br />done his car while driving of the Poor Farm Road,caused by a <br />culvert improperly installed by the County 4 days previous to the accideh,Atty Hewitt's advice =as not to pay the bill as it would <br />set a bad precedent+,but to pay Dr.Blake's bill for services <br />ordered by the State Board of Health. <br />At the request of NIr.Murphy of I?,P.Dodge,Healtors ,the Road Cornm. met him at the Fairfax addition,Mr Murphy asked to have the Vil- <br />lage r2ad crew finish the street grading in the Fairfax Bdd.and he mould leave a check with the Village of $300.00 for the vork and if not sufficient would pay alittle more.0n motion the action of the RBad Committee for the Village to to finish the work and <br />take the j)30OScheck and some more if it was needed,sras approved., <br />Also to return the bond to Mr.Dodge for street construction, <br />Xr idurphy thought Edr Dodge fiould be interesbeed in opening Wood- <br />dale Avenue from 56 to 58th Streets to the amount of $500.or so. The metter was then discussed and a motion by Trustee Prescott <br />seconded by Trustee Tkillson to order Tooddale Ave .opened from <br />56 to 58th Streets if the right of way can be procured across <br />Mr AIG.Wight* s property,vbn*i %lie funds are available,carried <br />The County Fair donationAwas brought up and on of Trustee Prescott seconded by Trustee Tillson -mas alloved. of $30. <br />$he Village membership,to the Minnesota League of Idun5,cipalities <br />was ordered paid on motipn duly made and seconded. <br />$14 dance permTts,$5.00 received from plumbing ordinance and $360. <br />check of N,P,nodgc and $50 from Thoppe Bros for balance of sand pit at the Post property was turned over to the Village Treasurer. <br />Received County Auditor's warrant #20767 for $5894.50 making <br />IO 824.80 received from County Treasurer to datecAlso in the .March settlement 339.42 and in the June settlement 3252.26 Special <br />assessment in the Fairway Section to date. <br />After l9oklng over the Road and other bills it mas moved by Trustee <br />Prescott seconded by Trustee Willson that all _bills as covered <br />by warrants be allowed ,carried . <br />Road Eills-- <br />Frank Roberts E.Hansen <br />A ?ie bber <br />C Snudsen <br />of $200, <br />team 217 hrs at 90# 195.30 <br />labor 216 at 45$ 97.20 <br />John Bore ri 216 W,?O <br />W.S.Joy St Corn 24 days at $5. I2OeOO 988.50 <br />H , S, JJind Eldw tools ord by Joy 4 e91 <br />H,I;.Hewitt attorney's fees 20.00 <br />2 I7 195.30 <br />Cliff Ehiting It 216 I94 e40 <br />I98 89-10 <br />It <br />t* <br />Henn Co.Enterprise pub monthly report 2.40 <br />lllpls Gen Electric Co St lights July 40.83 <br />Lyle Ctllvert & Rd Bquip Co 260 ft culvert at 1.05 232.05 <br />Fred Johnson contralzitor Sidewalk ?c curb, Xerxes 865 -00 <br />N: e E . Lambi e &embership dues 30 s 00 <br />Henn Co .Fair Association 1928 donation 2OO*OO 1395.25 <br />Total for month T2,383,75 <br />-g -f- fio further business meeting adjourned G, 1 . &,&-;--~* <br />Recorder