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194 j <br />Meeting called to order at 7:30 P,M. In the Grange Hall with <br />President Strong frr the chair. <br />All members present. Minutes of the last meeting read and <br />approved as read. <br />Regular order was suspended to hear those in maiting,Mrs L.M, <br />Quady mas present+ and asked about the opening of a street from <br />50th to 52nd Streets,would be Grimes Avenue,she was advised to let the matter regt for the present until1 17e see what the High- <br />r;ag No 5 vas goin& to do about opening- the street North of 50th. <br />Also spoke of a building ordinance and fire protection,after <br />some discussion the metter was droppGidi Also about the dance proposition Find mas told that would be taken up later in the <br />meeting. <br />Mr Tracy and Mr Orcutt of the Edina Motor Co were present,asking ' <br />if some plan could not be worked out =hereby they could continue <br />the dances the President re8d the petition for dances,signed by <br />residents bn tnat vicinity and explained what had taken place for <br />for Trustee frescott's benefit, the matter was delayed for consid- <br />eration later in the meeting. <br />Mr George Pavelka vias present about the damage claim he had filled <br />&ith the Village,said Hopkins mould pay $25.03 if Edina nould,and <br />Mr Pavelka said he viould accept that and cancil his c3afm.agahst <br />the Villqge,tJoved by Trustee Knudsen that we accept the offer,and pay the 925,secmded by Trustee Prescott,carried. <br />to have 8 receipt which woulrJ eelease the Village from said claim. <br />The Clerk was <br />Constable Hraml was asking for a gun and holister <br />motion the Chair appointed Trustees Prescott .9= Tillson to purchase the equipment, Xr Kraml offered the Village gravel at I5g! per load to be used on %ne road near his place, <br />TiIfag&'Attornby H.S,Hewitt!s: letter Jf res€gnation WAS read and <br />on motion was accepted. Attorney Kingsley's name :vas mentioned but <br />no action ,'ras taken to fill the vacancy at this time. <br />etc.And on <br />.* <br />It was moved by Trustee' secsnded by Trustee Prescott the <br />Clerk b3 authorized to wite the Minneapolis ,Northfield ;C Suehern <br />Railqay Co .for definite infwmation as to ivhen the-%ompany intends <br />to build the bridge across their tracks at Benton Avenue,and that <br />%e. hear &ith in I5 days the Village may be compelled to start man- <br />damus proceedings ,carried. <br />It \vas moved by Trustee Xnudsen seconded by Trustee Prescoit the <br />request of Xiss Belit;? Docken for the extension sf 44th Street to <br />her new'house be referred to the lioad Corn,carried. <br />ivir Alexander sf the Village 6ngineer's office xas present and said <br />the zork of the topographical survey "as about,$'?alP done and wanted <br />a payment,an agreement was reached whereby the Village 'ivould Da:r <br />$250.03 forqconsecutive months,making the tatal gmount paid. at that <br />time $I530.33,if they asuld not ask for any further payment till <br />after March 1st I926.6n motion duly made and seconded the paynents <br />were authwized . <br />The Village legvy was taken up and c3nsideder and on motion of Trustee <br />Trustee Prescott seconded by TrustLe :'iillson the leavy nas made <br />h letter Train X,P..,Dadge was read offering t3 help in the opening <br />of To3ddtlle Avenue,the right 3f way all being secured kut the half <br />width road across PLr A.';,::'rSght pmporty, the Clerk '.vqs instructed <br />to .mite Err ;right asking him to join in the project ~ith the <br />right xf aay and !-)therwise if possible. <br />The Clerk vias authDrized to turn in tr> the County Audit%- the <br />assessments fw the sidewalk and curb on Xerxes Avenue from 54 to 55th Street,the assessments in three equal annual payments,on motion of Trustee Prescott seconded by Trustee Xllson. <br />$18 333 . 30