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- <br />Jtecting callec? to order by ?resident S,K,Strong at the Grange <br />Hall 7~30 3?,L', All members present; <br />Minilies of the last regular and special meeting read and ap- <br />proved as read. <br />Trustee C ,F,Prescott reported for the Gorrtmittee on purchas'ing <br />-Constable Kraml's equipment, that the gun purchased aas very f <br />little used and bad the same guarantee as anevi one 8s QmS the <br />hand cuffs and holster,also a box of cartridges. 3rL motion the <br />action of the Committee was appro9ed and the Com.discharged. <br />After some discussion it was moved by Trustee R,J.Rnudsen,sec <br />onded by Trustee C .FJ?rescott that Geo. Kingsley,a resident <br />of Edina,be named Bs Village Attorney to fill the vacancy caused by H.R.Hewitt resigned,carried. The Clerk 60 notifg KP. - <br />Kingsley. <br />A letter v;as read from P.W.Dooley of the Minneapolls,Northfield & <br />Southern Rg. stating the Benton Avenue Eridge proposition would <br />have to be taken up with the Railway Commission at Salnt Paul. <br />After some discussion it vigs moved by Trustee H,J,Rnudsen sec- <br />onded by Trustee G,A,Tillson a committee of three were appointed to confer ytith the Ey Commission ,at Saint Paul,carried.Trustee <br />Enudsen,MlLson $5 President Strong vrere made the committee. Also <br />the Committee to interview the County Commissioners in regard to <br />the Geo Pavelka damage claim. <br />- <br />- <br />Fresident Strong reported that Mrs .Allen of Itackey Avenue had <br />made a request for a marker for Nackey Avenue and n &%rebt light <br />to be placed at the Street Car stop at that place,On Rotion it <br />nas referred to the road committee as I~:SSS the requesL of ?;r Ford <br />for a light at hirror Lake at the intersection of kendellsbhn tz <br />Interlachen Roads. <br />On motion the Npls General Electric Co 88s granted permissfon 60 <br />erect 3 poles on 7,' 66 Street near France Avenue. <br />A statement of-Kr A,J,Schaunk in regard to the Paul Yendlandt Con- <br />tract,the Clerk kas asked to refer it to Mr.Sherman an attorney <br />for the Federal Surety Co. <br />Constable Olinger asked for information as to duties Rnd pxy,the <br />Gouncfl instructed him to go only to cases nhere he thought Tt <br />v;aP->nebe&ary ,and pay no attention to petty calls,and Lo send <br />in his bill for the same but to hold dosm the expense on the <br />Village as much as pgssihle. <br />lfoved by Trustee Knudsen seconded by Trustee Mllson the time of <br />meeting be changed to Z::l?&, instead of '?:SO f.bC,,cnrried. <br />After considering the road and other bills &% V:RS moved by Triistee C.F,Prescott. seconded by Trpstee Mllson that all bills ae <br />covered by v:arrants be allowed,carrled . <br />Road bills-- <br />E,Hansen <br />Cliff. :';?litin€ <br />A *Te bber <br />John Bore Louis Stalzman, <br />Wl frlasec 142~ yds gravel at 256 35.62 <br />Adolph Roushar 81 loads gravel SOP 24.30 <br />Frank Roberts team E114 hrs at 90$ 190.35 &I& 190.35 <br />210 I89 00 <br />11 205g 92.45 <br />te I964 88.43 <br />11 <br />lt <br />labor 210, ' at 45$ 94.50 <br />Zm Roushw tl 3 and IO# dynax5te 2 085 <br />;;,S,Jog St Corn 23,) days at e5.20 I17 a50 <br />?:iller Davis Co office supplieE 9.00 <br />Kennedy Bros equipment for Constable Kraml 28 .IO <br />Ypls Gen Electric Co Street lights ,Sept 43.7 5 <br />John Lilja b1acksn;ith aork for road crew 8 .ao F,Bradleg witness fees and 8 miles I .80 <br />J,;'i,Shaffer k CO 3rd pay% on-topog survey 250.00 <br />.