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\ a99 <br />Charls KcHoney vdtness fees and IO0 mi Olinger case 7.00 to Cannon Falls IO0 m 14.00 <br />If It SC IO m 2 boo A. Ne Is on <br />Marion Classen J ,F ,012 nger Cons table fees 18.23 <br />1 <br />1) If / <br />J,F,Dlinger Jr Assisting Constable 4.20 <br />$1- <br />Total for the month <br />The Gotinty Auditor reqiiehted %Bat ,that ps.rt of the special <br />assessments of Fairway Section,Country Club District ,paid by <br />T'horpe Bros be paid direct to the Village Treasury and save the <br />Coianty the extra clerical work and expense ,and on Snterviewing <br />Ifr S.S,Thorpe,hesaid it made no difference to them as they had <br />to pay the assessment any way,and to ask Vr James T?orsey,the <br />attorney in the case,who said under the circumstances he could <br />see no legal objection an6 it would .be alright to do s.3,and <br />make a minute to that affect gvas all that was necessary. <br />In vlev of the fact that the November settlement is some 60 days <br />Bate to pay the bonds which are due Kovember 1st of each year it vas decided to turn in the assessment to Thorpe Bros on or <br />before the 10th of October of each year the same as to the <br />Coianty Aiaditor,and to be paid to the Village Treasurer on or <br />before the 15th of October of the year due. <br />Trustee H.J,Knudsen moved and Trustee G,A,Tillson seconded the <br />foregolng change be made,carried. The assessmant Tdv~s turned in <br />to Thwpe Eros. <br />e <br />Po further business the meeting adjourned on motion. <br />Fectifig called to order by President S,IC.Strmg. <br />PursGant to due call and not,ice thereof,a special neetine of <br />the Village Council of the Village of,Hsnnepin County, <br />:.:innesota,was duly held at the Home of the Clerk in said <br />Village on the 5th day of November,I925. <br />The following members nere present,S,R,Strong,President .Trustee <br />G.A.Xhlson a.nd Clerk E.T,Edson,and the follotving were absent: <br />Trus te e I% cT .;:rinds en , Thus tee C , F Pres cot t . <br />Trustee G .A, :/illson introduced the following reeolu-Lion and rcoved <br />its adoption: <br />ciHE€XE~S it has heretofore been duly deterrrined by the Village <br />Council of the Vil1pge of Edina,Finnesota to open and construct <br />certain streets In ;aid VillGe knovm as Sunnyside 8.nd Grimes Avenue <br />Extension,and <br />.7HE?E46,proceedings have herciitofore been instituted by and in behalf of said VIllge for the condemnation of A portion of the lands requii.ied for such str'eet openrags over and across lands <br />owned by the estate of Sarah G.BaZrd,deceased. <br />'TBEREAS,prop~~sitions have been made to said Village Lo procu-re said lands by dedication to said Village ,as more aapticlJ.larl <br />set forth in tvJ3 certain contracts hereto attached and markeg ffExiblts A and l3,respectfully.