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200 1 <br />l?'JO;;' <br />Vilisge of lidina,Hennepin Goun$y,l&inneeota, that it is found <br />and dsf3erMined to be to the best interests of said Village <br />that said Village execute said contracts and the President <br />and Villge Clerk of said Village are hereby authorized and <br />directed forthwith to execute and dellver said contracts to <br />the respectdve parties ,providing,hovemr*, tha.t said Village <br />shall not deliver either of said contracts unless both are <br />entered int<o by all of the respective parties thereto. <br />THERErORE, BE IT RESOLVED By the Village Council oE the <br />FE 19' FTXE3TKE.E RESOLVE'D that the Village Clerk is hereby <br />authorized, empowered and directed in behalf in behalf Qf said <br />Vill.sge,to joln with Edviin H,Burr as esecutor of the es-tate of Samh G,BQird,deceased in a petition <br />Hennepin Coimty,b;'lnnesota for an order authorizing and con- <br />the lands required for said road purposes. <br />The riotion for the adoption mE2thecfbregoing resolution <br />nas duly seconded by Clerk E,T.Edson.and upon vote being taken thereof, the following Trustees voted in favor thereof,President <br />S .K .Strong,Ti-ustee G.A. 4illsonzClerk E, T .Edson,and no one <br />against the sn~ne,~~ihereupon <br />$&sed and adopted. <br />to Probate Court of <br />, firming the dedication by said executor to satd Village of <br />voted <br />said faesoli-itforr -.vas delared dilly <br />X,~,St~ong,President. <br />$?'APE OF 1 L?'RESOTA) <br />) 5x3 COIJI;'?;" JF GiGZPIL) <br />. .. <br />I, E.T,Edson being the duly elecied,qualified and act- ing Village Clerk of the Village of Edina,Henneph Gounty,Min- <br />nesota,do hereby certify that the attached and foregoing is a <br />full and true and correct copy of all the n;inut,es of the special <br />meeting of the Village CouncSl of .sa-id Village,held Xov 5,1925 <br />In so fala as the qame relates to the making of certain contracts <br />sfith Thorpe Eros arid Edwin R,Eurr,execu.ior -in reference to the <br />extensions of Sunnyside kverim and Grines Avenue irL said Village. <br />Tlittiess my hand and the seal of said Village this 5th e <br />day of Xovember, I925 <br />E.T .Edson <br />g-d &z&-