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A . h{IKUTCS OF '?€LE PROCLEDIKGS OF THE VILLAGE 281 <br />Presi-dent S,If,Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />3all at 2: P,M.,viith all members present but Trustee hillson. <br />The minutes of last regular and special meetings were read end <br />approve2 as. read.. The regular ordtzr v.2.s dispensed if;ith to - <br />take cere of thosc in waitinga <br />h'r D.:;T.TIl~ill-.q~e and others were present xith a petition protept- <br />ing the granting of a pool hall license in the vicinity of 60th <br />and France P,venue.Theg were told there had been no application <br />for license as yet,but the petition nould be zccepted and placed <br />oii file pending an application. <br />Kr E.V.Thielan made R request for a street light on the TTorth <br />end of Thielan Ave ,on motlorn the request ms referred to the <br />road c~mmi ttee. <br />Vr Clark,3f the Glacier Sand ?c Gravel Co. made a request for a <br />culvert about 75 feet loilg to be placed at the driveiiay for <br />their new location,on mo~ion the request was referred to the <br />road coinmittee uith power to act. <br />The Clerk reported a n0tice.ha.d been received that the Leagiie <br />of Frunicipalities was prepared to draft R ne;; 'set of ordinances <br />for the Village of Edina,with the understanding that the expense <br />would be low in that they :lyere to draft ordinances for other <br />Villaees. It !ias moved by Trustec Ei.J,Knudsen secor7ded by <br />7r77~tec: C ,F,frescott the Clerk be instructed to notify the <br />League to proceed with the ffork and the President appoint the <br />Cmncj-1 as a camittee to act with the league in the matter, <br />cRrried,and it was so Drdered. l'4r EaR,Larnbie px:p?.q3nefl :,brit <br />the ordinances would be referred to the best a,uthoPiky on <br />Municipal laws in the btnte and we v~ould receive the opinion <br />thereto. <br />The proposed blacksmith shop on France' Ave was discussed and <br />In viex of the opposition to it a motion vas made and seconded <br />8 Committee be appointed to read Section I32 of the Village <br />Code Lo I.?? Foe,carried,Trustee Hnudsen,Prescott and Clerk Edson <br />nere mimed the committee. <br />Krs Cornbelle Lane,of the Child 'Velfare Board repo-rted the <br />YcCuLloch family were in need of assistance,on motion the Wes- <br />ident and Trustee Knudsen were made a committee t3 in vestgate <br />:.lith poiwr to act. <br />The Commitke on che Renton Ave Bridge reported they had been <br />iznable to get the committee togather so fnr. <br />The I\*pls General Electric was granted permission to set 4 poles <br />Qn IJendelssohn €ioP*d 3011th of the Interlachen Road,and one pole <br />on West, 543t.between Abbot and Zenith Avenues S. <br />The Clerk ?ias instructed to turn in the bill for grading on 50th <br />Street and France the Street Car Co. as per sgreement. <br />On m.3tion the Clerk uas instructed t.s tfrite Eifr :'I,E.Code t3 re- <br />new his bond f3r street grading as his bond had expired and the <br />streets mere not graded. <br />On motion the winter scale of wages were put; into effect,,35$ per <br />hour %w men and 706 per hour for men and. tearrs.8 horfr- day, <br />$20.90 for grading at Interlachen by St.Corn Joyjand 3,25 plumb- <br />ers permi ts-and 2 .OO dance permit, ($25.25)~~~ turned over to <br />the Treasurer <br />The bills were examined,audited and on motion were allowed -1