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202 \ . <br />Road Bills <br />team 242 IPS Eit 9O$ $ 229.95 <br />Cliff Yihiting (1 <br />A.:?ebber labor 270 at 454 121.50 <br />252.88 <br />Frank Roberts E ,Hansen " 252 <br />9 8.10 <br />25;: IIS.40 John Bore <br />Louis Stalzman 'I 2401. 108.23 <br />-i.S.Joy St Corn SO days at $5 per 150.00 <br />Thomas Ryan I86 1oat;s gravel at 30& 55.80 1019.86 <br />H , S , \ti nd hsr&ds.iar*e ordered by i.Joy 11.29 IIiaetzold' s hwdnare it <br />liFppls Gen Eleetrlc Co Street lights Oct, 43.75 <br />(1 <br />0 _- <br />4.73 <br />Henliepin C o%it y Enterprize publishing I3 IC <br />John -7.Shaffera & Coo 3rd payment on topog su?-~~ E50.06 <br />Geo Pavelka - damage to car,Poor Farm hd 25 .OO 347.87 <br />Totat for month f 1367.73 i <br />+ <br />On motion meting adJourned, \ Kecorder <br />President S,K,Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />Hall at 2: P,?'. All members present bqt Triistee 3, J,Knu.dsen. <br />The minutes of the last regular meeting read and app-roved as resd. <br />The regular order kqs dispensed nith to take care of those in <br />pa i t i ng . <br />Yr E,I,Worse of Thorpe Fros present62 a petit-ion fj2r Wicating a <br />certain part of 45th Street,in Faiway Section,Country Cllx'l? Dist, <br />described ir! 9 rtsaliitiors to be adopted at a rneet-lfig to be held <br />Dec 26,1925 On motior- the petition was accepted aiid the Clerk <br />j,nst,ructed to publish it as required by law. <br />H,S,'*:ind having Rpplied for a licerise to operate a 9301 he.11 at <br />50th Street sn? F~qnce kve.snd also prcser,tp.d H pE!titiQn si~fieci - <br />bg 42 residents -ithere for. The foIlois5ng Comi tteee ,Ilr S ,L,Cob'ls <br />fron, the Grange ,Grs S ,L.Cobb of the ?arent-%nchrr-.s ,I--P T .;P ,Caopcr <br />frolx the Edizio Church,h'r G.N,Crawford from the Fair~sy Sec%ion, ~ <br />TCr D,~'',':'ellace of 50th Street 2: France and others :,ere present in <br />protest to tht Eranting to B,S,'?irid or any one else 9 1ic~nse to-- opefwte R p301 h~ll at 50th Street and France Ave or else there <br />in the Village. As a petition had been accepted agafnst R p301 hall <br />~P&I reslSents of thnt district anti no one sp2ke ira fsvor,md it <br />being duly cons%de~eC,Trustse G .F.Prescott moved and rmstee G.As 3i11son .seconded the license io H.S.Sind be not granted,Cwried. <br />For .jhich the Council was duly thanked by those preaevt.. <br />h r T.C,Errlngcr of IGirrbr [LRZre Dist, requested the Villqe to <br />construct a roadsray from a polnt on the r.0116 runn?ng '3oiri.h from <br />th: Lake,Eazt to his property,he having b3't a strip of land <br />164 feet v4de from T.r Slaven for that purpose, On motion the <br />reqnest ws geM~eS t.9 the road committee,and L'r Erringer ag-. <br />reed io @ag sny'damages with in rzason for enough more to make <br />a sl$.table -road.T'he ro8.d Cornittee to investlpko. <br />flr Christ ii;oo;a blacksmith,and his Attorney 3 .J .Granhck,also <br />1:r Va.nEpps %ere present in the interest df a blacksmith shop <br />at 5048 Frnnce Eive S. A petition "las presented siewd by 19 rePicjents 'of thwt locality protesting a shop a$ the locatton of <br />the one just started as a detriinenk to their proper+ty,kut said <br />they v;ould heve no objectson if the shop VIRS 17laced on the ex- <br />trene 2.orth-Last cDrner of Xr ?doe's property 8s they would then