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geetins 'has ca3fed,asndu3g publishecll bn 6h&:iHen$B'pfn- Co$nt$r?if <br />Xnkxgidsse ;for; a-hear2ng:on: wacatingi .Lh&$t park or: Stree%&ka- <br />ek;ibed i&- the' -f~l~Lf>~~Hn~1irs?so.~~~r~na;(:tll.77fr'~- ~~1~~~ ~19 bj%ic+&s <br />4 .Ai 3 <br />BE IT'RE;SOLWD,by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, Hennepin County,Xinnesota, that that aortion of >test &QFh Street in Country Club DistrSct,Fairvray Section,described as fallom, t 0-lfyi t : <br />. i iv a i,*~ ~ ' " . - 2.- C! dc.. r,pS 1 :: j .2- <br />That part of ?;est Sth Street lying Korth of Lot 1,Block 2, <br />Country C lut District, Fairway Section, and being betvieen the Easterly line of Arden Avenue,extended,and the East <br />line of the Pu'mthxest Quarter of the Eartheast quarter <br />(KX> RE2>) of Section Eighteen (18) ,TovJnship Tnenty-eight <br />(28) ,Range Twentyfour (24),Hennepin County,Xinnesota ,all <br />according to the duly recorded plat and the Giovernment <br />Siirvey thereof beyand the same is hereby vacated,ta be effectfve from <br />and after the passage of this Resolution, <br />As !no objection -cas made in Prrfting or othermise,Trnstee C .F, Preseott moved the adoption and Trustee G .A,lZ.llson seconded <br />the motion 3f adoption all members voting in favor and. none against,the President then and there declared "that pert of the <br />street,as set fourth in the resolution,vacated. <br />Mo further 'cusiness meeting adjourned. <br />Recorder