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FITJTJTES OF THE PEOCEEDIPJGS' OF THE VILTAGE 285 \. COTTNCIL CF THE VILLAGE OF ELINA AT A REGTJLAR MEETING <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 9th DAY QF JEIEUARY <br />\ <br />I 9 2 6 .. .*.*...e ., .. ** *. ,, . .. ., .I ,. ,, ., ,*,I ,, ., ,, ., ,, I. .I,. .*a, 2, ,. ,, ,, *, .,,L .. ., .I ,, *, ,, ,, ,, ,, "Cy ,, ., ., ,* ', , . , . , *. -. ; . - -,,- ,- ., ,- , , , .. -, ,- -, ,-; .-? ,- ', ,' *' ;? .*; ,' -, *- >,- .- ; -; i5,-.dc -, >,' ,,' .* . ,. - -. - - -. - - - -- . . - _- - - -_ - . - . - - - - - - ,,,I .,,, ,.,a I. .\ A,, ,,,, I. '.,a ,.,. ,,% . -. 1. - <br />President S,K,Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />Ball at 2: j33.w. <br />Rol!-c~ll found all members present. <br />Niinutes of the last regular and Special meetings read and ap- <br />proved with the addition that "htr Erringer agreed to pay any <br />reasonable damages to Mr Asplund for 162 feet for road pur- <br />poses across the Soiath side of his property" <br />The Road Committee reported as calling on IVr Asplund who mas <br />not at home and Yr Ereinger was away so the matter was laid <br />over. <br />A lettes? was read from lVr J,H.Nasek concerning the polution of <br />streams tributary to the Mississsippi by sewerage,the meeting <br />to be held in Saint Paul sometime in January,the date t rg be set <br />later, PresiZent Strong,Clerk E,T1,Edson,T~iisZt?B- G.A,'Jdllson a6 -,' <br />delegstesto the meeting. <br />The Etnnesota League of Municipalities ask to meet the Council <br />to go over the new ordinances as drafted,and suggested the 23rd <br />of Janumy 1926,if any change vias made they would notify the <br />Clerk,which aas agreeable to the Council. <br />President Strong read a 1ette.r from K.L,Shaffer concerning the <br />construct.2on of a road im Nendelssohn running South of the one <br />p1i.t in last 'year,but no action was taken, <br />On mot.I,on the General Electric Co was granted permission to set <br />one pols betv7een 54 % Streets on York,Av@mie. One pole on Test, 44th Street between Aurora B Mackey Avenues. One pole on <br />Brookslide - near, SLdmey Street. <br />A 'pe t,";l.tJ onl-,by!? tbe1ipn@p$kBy:- 4me&sf, TirSmIbury Park for the Vac'a,tf on <br />of all the stmets ,laws Evenues ,bonlevards therein for the correct.9on of the starting poipt vfhich is in fact 495 feet,vdhlle <br />pl~t sho~~s 330 South of the Eorthwest Corner.of Section EO, <br />Toarmhlp 213,Range. 64 ,TPiistee H,J sKniidsen moved and Trustee 'C ,F <br />Prescsnt,t seconded that the petition be accepted and the Clerk <br />instrii.cted to publish notice of hearing on Ll-ir: 13th day of <br />~ebrt~.ary I926,at 2:P,Ii carried. <br />A pe t..S. t5 on presenter? by lvtr Sampson asking the Fireworks ordinance <br />1-le ch:3wgecl so that Eon residents would pa.y a' fee of .$IOO. 8.n.d <br />that. the tltme of' selling'to not exceed one week before the 4th <br />of 3ulg.Trustee Prescott moved the pCtit,ion be a.ccepted for* con- <br />s i de ro. t i on. Trias tee Rnuds en s e c onde d the mo ti on, c Rrri ed. <br />It vjas reported tdie Tietzel fahilies '%ho recently m.oved into <br />t.he Vi Il::ls-t from Bloomington,were in need of' food and fuel .- <br />RaTfirIg al!-*eady given the aid the Clerk mas instructed to call <br />up the chcti rman of the Eloornington Cou.ncil and report the <br />f'::11r!3-I-ies t.o them and send the bills for groceries and cml t.0 <br />tm2-E!tri . --.- <br /> A sv,'/ ,Giaaber of' Thorp Sros ssked for* permission to r'e- <br />ntnve some c1a.y slang tkit- mad by the Club House &rid ~w.ld .give <br />so~e ,gr.~~el in exchange,Tt m8.s Mr Graber the matter 11.p v!-l '1 <br />1,he Stfitlr-. High.way CoEmicsion. <br />Tk~ere b:+f-rig no road bills,thc o%her bills wre alovred 1x1 ~otfori. <br />~ri~liicl~.n~ the Groceries and coal bills given to %he .VcC~~lJ.~xth, <br />Tfr;tzsl .S: Anci&.rson famil?-es. $4.75 Flurnbers perrn-its and &144.61 <br /> ,received fro~n the Street Car Co vias turned ov&r to the <br />Treasiirf:c4 <br />'.. <br />J <br />Ei 11s fillOV<ed-' <br />PJple Genera81 Llectric Co street lights fo; Deceniber 45,75 en n ep i n c 01 in i y E;rz t e rpri s e E .OQ <br />Gclln~ GrocePy. Erocel.ies,~cCiilloch,rietzel k I '- 18.60 <br />p ,j ,carcr,llne <br /> io fu.rther tu.siness meeting ad.journed <br />, printing Fki? 1p0% t*-E:l?. !_e:[ C 0 2 tons of coal 2i.00 <br />fumigators '. 2'70 4; 88.05 EL,,? &2Ac*-z, . <br />Recorder