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President S,K,Strong called the meeting to order in the office of the Minnesota League of Kunicipalities at 9: oclock A,Ms <br />All members present. <br />The meeting was called as stated in the minutes of January 9th to <br />go over the ordinances drafted and several changes and. suggestims <br />were made and new or4lnancsli; to4?be drhftdd-%rG discussed and a <br />meeting was set for February 6th for farther consfderation. <br />No further business nas taken up and the meeting adjourned. <br />~?62&Ll <br />Redorder. <br />!4INUTES OF THE FRQCEEaZNGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />TKEREOF HELD ON THE 6th DAY OF FEBRUARY <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILGGE OF EDINA-AT A SPECZAL MEETING <br />I926 <br />2. c~c/i;s " *I, L 'l. 'L ,;-A*,* ,$-&/*$b;$ ;;-$$*,&. ;$;*.x-:A.;: ~-~;-;~~-~..~..;~:~~~~~~~~~~~~,~ <br />.President S,K,Strong called. the meeting to order at the hime of <br />Trustee C.F.Prescott, at 2: P,hi. <br />-All members present. <br />Meeting was called for the purpose of re-reading the ordinances <br />wlth the changes made from the reading *of Jamary 23rde <br />h4r M,B,Lambie of the League of Municipalities and Atty Helm were <br />present. <br />After reading the ordinances h?r Lambie wished to investigate and study some of them a little further and it viould be necessary to <br />have another readfng or so untfll they were complete. <br />The hour was getting late and on motion the meetdng adjourned. <br />Recorder. <br />President S.K.Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange Hall <br />at 2: P.U, <br />All members present. Minutes of the last regular and special meetings read and approvede <br />. <br />Mr John D, Nelson ol' Malberg 3c Nelson,Attys,vas present pursuant ta <br />the notice to vacate streets,alleys and etc,in Goodbury Park which <br />was published January 2Ist,1926,as agreed Mr Itelson paid $3.00 for <br />printing the notice <br />The following, resolution was adopted on motion of Trustee C,F,Prescott, <br />seaonded by Trustee Geo A.iJillson, 0 <br />BE IT RESOLWE,That all of said Streets,Alleys,RPfiZevards ?S Lanes <br />as shown on the plat of Kood'tjury Park and now on flle-in the office <br />of the County Register of Deeds,be and all there &-'are hereby vacated. <br />Dated this 13th day of February I926,The above resolutfon was adopted <br />with the understanding that a new plat would be Bfreiiied and filed, <br />The above resolution was signed by the President and Clerk. <br />President S,K Strong rehad a letter from B,E,Ford of Mendelssohn,pro- <br />testing the s$agnent condition of the water in Wirror Lake,as the