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President S.H,Strong called the meeting to order at 7:30 P,Y. <br />All Kembers present but H .J .Knudsen, <br />&eekting 788s called For the purpose of auditing the books of the <br />Clerk and Treasurer and other matters. <br />4 <br />After the books mere duly examhed and found to be correct a-ith <br />balance on' hand for the year ending February 28ti.i I926,of 8 7,354.86 Trustee C,F,Frescott moved and Trustee G.A.Sil1sor-i <br />seconded that the report be accepted and signed by the auditing ~ornmittee~carried, The report was ordered published. <br />favorable comment vias made on the ngatness andfaccuracg of the .- D'3OkS.. . .. . <br />The judges and clerks for the Village election iBkere appointed as <br />folloas, B.C,Hansen,J,L.Rutledge k G.A.Tdllson as judges.A.J. OlLnger and Clarence Kundsen as clerks,Frank Kraml cunstable. <br />The nev: election ruling ;:as dischssed as to v;hether the election <br />would take place this spring or not,so the Clerk TVES instructed - <br />to get, the Attorney Genera?. s rulkng. <br />The need for a Village hall VJ~S discussed and the matter of levy- <br />ing a.002 tax to create a fund for a hall and save a bond issue,it <br />v;as decided not to submit it to the people at this election but <br />perhaps take it up later, <br />On MOfdOn the Kpls General Electric Go was granted permission to <br />place 7 poles on ?&st 50th Street from Bruce to Bro:;.ndale Aves. <br />No further business the meeting adjourned. a .- rc 2 J?&&+~~ <br />Recorder* <br />I!"INJTES OF THE PROCEZDIRGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUKCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT k SPECIAL VEETIEII'G THE,%OF HELD AT THE BONE OF TRUSTEE C3,,AwXi.T1g~& OIq THE 27th DAY <br />OF FEBRUARY I 9 2 G <br />.Y'CZL'C>L1:.C+"" v \' Z' .. ** 1. I* * *, .I .. *, .I .. .I) (Jr .* -, %. .. <. I, ...;< .,.. ;-,;..~.~~.;~',;.~~*~. {; -,*., , .i ii5iiC ,, *, ., *I'. a ,..I *, .L .-:C*,-h-"r..'., .:i: .. r.~riiiiC.r2,i~,~~.,-,:.,-.:,i~:-*;,~*, ,, ., <br />.. fLeE$ing ;:as called t:, order by President S,K.Strong,at 2: P.& <br />All members presWt b 7 <br />The meeting 3as called for the purpose of reading and adopting nem ordinances ,and the folloving ordinances aere read and on <br />motion adopted. except NO 8 9 <br />No I. Traffic Ordinance <br />2. Re12ting to the .Bawd of Health <br />3. Regulating guisances <br />4. Relating to Restaurants ,EatZng Houses ,Cafes <br />. 5. Wovtding for Volunteer Fire Department,Rules and Regufatings <br />6. Regulatfng the Burnigg of Trash <br />7. Regulsting the stora&e of dangeraus Liquids and Espfosives <br />8. Regulating the sale OF Fire Borks to be revised %Y <br />9* Regulating the nroviing of Buildings <br />IO. Regulating Trancient PAerchants ,Peddlers and Etc.. <br />11. Re.gulatisg Public Dance 'Places and Dances <br />12. Iiegulatine; Intoxicating Liquors <br />13. Regulating the Cutting of Pavements and Streets <br />14, Regulating Construction of Sidemallrs <br />15. Eequiraing the Removal of Snorv and Ice on Sidet.*raLks <br />~ 16, Freveating Animals Running at Large <br />*L <br />At the lateness Coiincil hold an adjourned meetfng at the home of Trustee H.J. <br />Enudsen on March Gth 1926, <br />of the hour it '.vas moved and carried the <br />k-s. 45z~ <br />Recorder