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Adjoumed meeting called to wder by President S.K,Strong at 2:P,!Ja <br />R.t the home of Trustee H.J.Knudsen, all members present. <br />The follomf-ng ordinances were read and on motion adopted. <br />No 17. Defining Nisdemeanors-etc <br />PJo 18. An Ordinance to repeal ordinances that conflict with the <br />new ordinmces adopted. <br />The Milk drdiriance and Building Gode were not adopted at this time. <br />President Strong called the meeting to order at 2: P.M, <br />All members present <br />, The minutes of the last regular and special 'meetings were read <br />Trimtee H ,J.Rnudsen reported having seen Sam Robellts about moving <br />IWs,Anderson into the City,?tr.Roberts thought he could not do it himself but could get some one to do it any time. <br />Attorney Generals opinion in regard to the Village Election was <br />read,and the 11srlal election vdas held,and the following officers <br />xiere diilp elected <br />President S"K .St.rong. Clerk E,T.Edson <br />Trustee C .F,Prescott Treasurer J, J,Duggan <br />Jus ti c e of Pe BC e E , K a Vi 1 1s on , C ons tab le 'li , EI .Ma cNe i 1 <br />In regard to the publishing of the nevd ordinances the Clerk was <br />instrlicted to advertise in the Hennepin County Enterprise and in <br />one City ~LP~J- for bids,each bid to be accompianied with a certi- <br />fied check for. 5;$ of amount of bid for one publication and 1000 <br />cop%es,bids ta be opened April 10th 1926. <br />The Minneapolis Genera.1 Electric Co. was granted permission to set <br />one pole in the Alley bettveen Gifford Place and Arthur Streek and <br />Seth Am 4vld Nelson Hve .a.nd one pole on Seth Ave , <br />and nppI?oYed. <br />Mrs H.L,Sh@.ffer das present in the interest of the new road they <br />they W61t; asking for in Mendclssohn,as the Village Engineer had not reported as tp its:cost the Council could not make any statement at <br />this tine. <br />Mr !!.E,Code a committee from the School Board of Distr5ct No 17. '\\ <br />XRS present about the catch basin and drain for the nevi school at <br />50th h Vouddale,vdas told the Council could put a culvert across <br />50th Street to take care of surface water but the Councll could <br />not go to my great expense as there ivqs other Districts in the <br />Village besides XO I7.and .qlso it would be necessary to wait untill <br />we find iyhat the HighJjay id going to do on 50th Street.. <br />1'r.Alesaader sf the Village Engineer's office wss present xqith <br />corrected le,aves t:, atlises and wall map of the ttopog survey and <br />presented a +bill of a $1000*00 $800.00 was alotved With 20% with- held for corrections and final acceptance, <br />"-\ .~ <br />I <br />I <br />-A <br />hlr,Alexander ~lso an off hand estimate of grading the road