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2ii <br />President S,K.Strong ca'lled-the'meeting to order at' 7:30 P,M, <br />in the Grange Hall. <br />Roll call found all members present but Trustee H,J.Knudsen. <br />Itinutes of the last meeting read and approved, <br />There viere no committees to report. <br />Mr. James Seed presented a new plat of Tioodbury Park to tske <br />the place of tfie one vacated,wnich iiad the starting point <br />corrected to 495 feet South of trie North Yest Corner of' Section <br />Twenty (2O)Township twenty-eight (28) Range twenty-four (24) <br />Trustee C,F,Prescott moved and Trustee 'IJillson seconded the motim <br />the plat be accepted,carried. <br />As advertised this mas the time to open the bids for publishing <br />the ordinances ,two bids were submitted ,Hermepin County Enterprise <br />and J .L,Markham of 810 metropoliton Lffb Ftlilding,IViinnea.poliL; . <br />The Enterprise bid of $255.00flat or 60k per folio if they 17ere <br />named the official paper with one thousand copies free. <br />Xr.Yarkham's bid was 37p4 per folio with one thousand copies fre. <br />Not understanding the technical terma of the the bids,Clerk Edson <br />L Trustee Tillson vJmre appointed a committee to InvestigRte with pover to act.,the committee was also instructed to take the fire- works ordinance to the Minnesota League of Municipalities for Mr. <br />Talker to revise and make more inaccordinance with the State Law. <br />h!r.Fred Sampsbn asked to be permitted to ssll xqhat firefiorks was <br />in his which conflicted with the ordinance,but on re-reading the <br />ordinance it was thought best to revise it and also add "the dfs- <br />tame of t7xo hundred feet between stands and ~ta.nds to be 100 feet <br />from a building <br />A letter was read from fdr.E,P.Girth ,for-a sideyalk on Tiest 44th <br />Street. along Lot I2,Block 9,Brovmdale Park,the matter was dis- - <br />msed md referred t9 the road cornmitte,and the Clerk was author- * ized to have the Village Engineer set the grade stakesoafter which <br />Mr.Girth came inquiring about the sidewalk and was told of the <br />proceedings ,and they were satisfactory to him. <br />was told the road commltts would go out next week and they would - see what they could do. <br />9 Nr.Alexander,%rom the Village Engineer's office was present with <br />estimate of the Benton Ave.bridge and filllng,as requested,had <br />estimated the cost at about $i500.00, After some discussfon the <br />Clerk ;'JRS, instructed to '&rite the Raflroad .3t Tare-house Cornrnb= <br />sion for a public hearing on the Benton Ave.Rridge and the Com- <br />miasion to set the date of hearing. <br />This belng the first meeting of the fiscal year,the followving <br />officers -rere .tppointed on motion of Trustee C ,F,Frescottq seconW <br />EoPrd of Heslth Dr.Jarnes Ela&e physican,J,J.Driscoll for two yew . <br />E.T,Eds?csn for one year. Village Attorney Geo A.Kingsley.John 9. <br />?h<qFfera 2 Co.Villsge Surveyom .S,B.Strong plumbing inspector. <br />HennEpin Goirnty Enterprise official psper.The Council as a whole to act as rmd cornrnitttee.Harriet StFte Bank for Village funds ard <br />a. :;5600.170 bond required. Treasurer salary set at $150.00 per . <br />yewr.5treetv Commissioner's salary at $5.00 per dRy,40$ per hour <br />for men ~nd 806 per hour for man and team.the Street Commissioner <br />appointment snd the Clerk's salary was laid over till all members <br />irere present. <br />345.W Ciprett license and 6.00 plimbing permits :wre turned om <br />to the TL%asurer. <br />T.C,Erringer was present about his road he had asked for and <br />- by Trustee Wilson. <br />On motion *,he tire of n-eeting was changed fiom 2:30 P,M. to 7:30