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f, 212 <br />After duly auditing the road and other bill the follorrir,g <br />vrere alloived on motion. <br />Road bi 1 is - - <br />Frank Roberts team 99 hrs at 70# 8 69.30 <br />58 I4 45.50 D.Colline <br />Jerry Collins lebor 61 labor 28.55 <br />12.60 36 A,Tetber <br />"i,S.Jog St Corn 842 days at $4.50 65.25 <br />Ep3.s Gen Electric Street lights March 45.96 <br />Hennepin Cmxty Enterprise pricting ballots IC snnir%l rep.52 .IO <br />Edina Grocery groceries for iVce3ul;lough family Feh 2: 10a.r 32.21 <br />John E.Li1ja blacksmith work for Village 17.40 <br />E .Rsnsen " IO0 labor8 hrs et 35gt 72 .a0 <br />tl <br />13 I* <br />Vinnespol5.s Tribune gub.notice to publishers of ord. 9.52 <br />H . S Yind hdvJ hnrdware ordered by Joy 2.77 <br />John ?I.Shaffer .3c Co balance of topog survey 2oo.rx) - <br />Total for month $ 646.76 <br />3n notion the meeting adjourned <br />Recorder. <br />i\!IIXl7!ES OF TEE PROCEEDIIJGS OF THE: VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL QF THE 'VXLLBGLL)ETEDINA AT A SPECIAL YEETIIQG <br />TlBREQF HELD ON TBE 17th DAY OF APRIL <br />,II;.::-Q:-.(;:.9-::..;.55;)Q!iS~-:~:~~~.~. : +.X.<p$,;$ ;$:$:$ $:z:5.**.~*-~.-'zJ .I 'I ,I I. I\ e, +:e a**" 5's . :: .-. :: 19 2 6 <br />Preaident Strong called the meeting to order at his hone at <br />'7:30 F.X. All members present ldut Trustee C .F,Prescott. <br />&Teetine; celled for the purpose of reading the fire ::.orb <br />Ordinance as revised and other important mattem <br />-4fi.e~ reading the ordinance ft was adopted on rnot.-i.on of 'ifrust- <br />H.J,Knudsen seconded by Trustee ?illson. <br />It was reported the road committe had viewed the corner of Tiest <br />44th Street and Brooks kve.for Vr,Gfrth's sidewalk and when t'ne <br />stakes ir;i'EPe set the committee \~-ould try and meet Xr Girth and <br />talk it over iJith him. <br />A rrotion :*$as made seconded and carried that vihen the Street Car . <br />Co.noved the fence on Motor Street the Village vrould grade and <br />if necessary put in a comrete crossing For proper drainage md <br />the Clerk instriicted to have the nark done if the crossing rlas <br />needed. <br />- <br />-- - <br />The nem road asked for running South from the PreecotL road in <br />Yendelssohn :J~S discussed.and the petition ms read, the road to be on the line betvrcen the Gutgeeel3 and Forrestor properties in as far EE the Shaffer ti?act,on motion of Trustee Tillson, <br />seconded by Trustee Knudsen <br />opening 0-f sa5d road when the right of :-Jay I'IRS secui-ed, <br />Some &ork cas authorized on '72nd near Koriarityrs <br />It aas reported that Ifr Asplund wanted $IOOO.Od fop 30feei RCPOS <br />his phce as part of the BrringeK $&ad and Nr Erringer to ke <br />asked if he could not get enoughA8rom Xp.Slavin for half road <br />The opening of Vooddale Ave was discussed,and the Clerk 1'18s in- <br />st-r?z.cted to 3rite Mr.Dodge for a definite amount he ..auld give <br />tolvard the opening of the street,so the cost be better estirnated. Also to nrite Xr ';right and register the letter and inform him <br />thnt all costs iiauld be assessed to his praperty if the V-illage <br />had to condemn the right of flag across his pi-opertg. The Clerk <br />to ::rLte the County Commissioners for a culvert to be used at <br />the Club I-Iouse on Test 5i)th Street. <br />spend not to exceed $500.on the <br />- <br />No further business meeting adjourned . <br />tLecorder