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\ 213 <br />JLI*"fUTES 03' THE PFtOCEEDIIJGS 'OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A mGURAR TEETIBG <br />THEREiJF HELD ON THE 8th DAY OF MAY <br />I 9 2 6 ,e.;+;: ;;;>;5 ;$$;..;* ;$;+;;<$-;E.,*:$ .+.;*-::-V54~tS:-5:-..Cj;-::-:,i-;5 <br />President S.R,Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />Hall at 7:30 P.M. <br />All members present Minutes af the last regula13 and special meetings read and approved, <br />Those in waiting vere heard. A delegation from Bromdalc Park Mr. <br />J",T,Jones being spokesman,their mission was to get the hill at <br />E~oolcs Ave.k Kest 44th Street cut and B,44th Street put to grade from Coolidge to Riiackey A-fe.Sc the cost of work taken from the <br />general fund,biit was told it was customary to assess 8-11 streets <br />pu-t to grade, Mr.McNau@;ht was not in.favor of mch of a cut at <br />Brooks 6~ 44th.a~ his property lies highpas was also Mr.Girth 3e <br />others, After discussion it was referred to the road committee. <br />Dr. Murry ofE.44th and Brpwndale ask the Council to cooperate with <br />Saint Louis Park In oiling %est 44th Street from B-rowndale East 9s <br />far 8.8 the Village goes on 44tS,the Council was invited to meet with <br />the Bro$tndale Park Uens Club on next Tuesday which time it would be discussed at 1ength;and the property owners mere villing to bear the expense,were told we did not approve of oiling unless the <br />street vias scarified and then oiled and rolled,r":h.ich was satisfactory. <br />Mr. V,H,Adanis presented a petition for a side&-alk on the north side <br />of Test 50th Street from France Ave to Vooddale kve.Er.Adams thought <br />they ul..ould be willing to have the curb included,but the petition was <br />e.ccepted,on rnotion,and held over till it was known what the County <br />Highviay'z gurgeg and grades would be. <br />I~7r,H.k,Psuleon and others were present in the fnterest of regulating <br />traaffic in the Country Club Districtyes there was 8 tendency of <br />motorist to drive too fast over the paved streets,Pr,Paulson nas asked <br />50 mnke R. Su@@eStiOII,he thought it might help if they vdere posted <br />Speed Limit or fabz?DfGd Roed,Mr,Paulson said he would set' if the <br />3herlf.f V~OUI~ send a deputy out at the time of day when it iriD1l!.d do <br />the moEt goodethe matter ivas let stand, <br />A petition vms presented by Otto Cermak,signed by 47 residents. to gmde 4th Street S3uth from Central Ave to 4th Ave East 3 4th Ave <br />Eqet to 3rd Ave 2outh,on motion hy Trustee Wescott seconded by Tr~st~ee Rmd~en ita was accepted for consideration, <br />P.J,Thielen presented a,petftion signed by property owners on "hielon <br />Ave.ProQkslde,for 8 cement sidewalk on both sides of Thielen .3c <br />Rlong Lots IO k 11 on Yest 44th Street,on motlon of Trustce Xnudsen <br />seconded by Trmtee Prescott petition 1w.s granted and the Clerk to pnbl-Ish the notice to property owners and advertise for bids when <br />ready3thE cost to be assessed to abutttng property in three payments. <br />Deeds frsm Patrick H.Slavin and Anna Slavin,his zife far the Erringer right of ?:ay and frox Emma Forreeter,B ,L,Shaffer,Ruth Shaffer hie <br />vilfe' and !$.E.E'ord 3 Edith E.Ford his wife for right of wag on the <br />Sliaffer qnci Donahue road in Mendelssohn viere received and motion nepe accepted if Jdrs Forrester kl a1 vjould correct 8.11 objectionable clRuse in their deed,the Clerk to take the matter up vuitk.. them. <br />The CDrnui t.tsee on ?;he B&nton Ave..Eridge reported there was another <br />hearing t.0 be held June 3r.d I926,at the Railrogd tc 5are-house Com- <br />miasion office .ir, Saint. Vaixl ,The- Village Attorney seemed uncertafn <br />abollt t.he rjght of the Village to force a bridge there at this tirm, <br />F':r,krchPE: Eixk r4equested the Council to lay sidewalk oil <br />France Ave xlong Lot 8,Block 4,Ivanda.le Pawk 8nd assess cost to his property on rfiotion the request was granted and the Clerk was instru- <br />cted to have the work done and the Village Engineer to set %he stekes, <br />&!r,ISIO~~~,~f Thorp@ Bros ,made a request that the streets irl Sollt,h <br />He.rriett Park be put in good shape,as the street,s v.ere sodded over it. l'.,O*.lld be quite B.n elrpense a.nd could not be done at thj-s time,birt <br />the Chdman K.;E(E instructed to have sox@ Jiiork done.